Marriage licenses issued by the office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk for the week Feb. 13 – 17:

Ryan P. Stutes and Amanda L. Marrs

Kenneth D. Perkins and Brenda G. Foy

Richard A. Sunday and Amanda M. Thormer

Ronald L. Chesson and Shirley M. Williams

Richard H. Page and Virginia M. Ashworth

Steve J. A. Simmons and Stephanie M. Scott

Joshua L. Bland and Chelsea B. LaChance

David C. Smith and Mayra D. van Bommel

Donald R. Richardson Jr. and Brandis L. Judge

Jesse Castaneda Jr. and Tricia D. Peterson

Jared S. Perkins and Jane L. Marburger

Brandon L. Nix and Chelsea B. Morales

Isaiah E. Raney and Kari M. LaStrapes

Steven R. Dressen and Marilyn E. Harper

Robert W Ellis and Whitney A Savage