Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between Feb. 17, 18, 19, and the morning of Feb. 20:

Weapons offense, possession of weapon, 7th and Elm

Process service, warrant, 205 Border

Fraud, illegal use of credit cards, 201 8th/608 Strickland

Process service, warrant, 1900 block MacArthur

Missing person, 220 Davis Rd.

Abandoned vehicle, Front St. at 1st

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 3709 16th St.

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, Womack Rd.

Aggravated assault, non-family, knife cut, 608 Strickland/30 Circle E

Suspicious person, 3701 16th St.

Miscellaneous, disturbance, 102 Schley

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, IH-10 W. at Adams Bayou

Public service, assist motorist, IH-10 W.

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, IH-10 E.

Public service, other, 201 8th

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 3100 block Edgar Brown

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 1406 5th

Miscellaneous incidents, 1028 Clairmont

Traffic accident, private property damage, 3104 Edgar Brown

Traffic accident, hit/run, vehicle damage, 411 Camellia

Stolen vehicle, unauthorized use, auto (joy riding), 635 Bridal Wreath

Theft, purse snatching, 1703 16th St./Spanky’s

Traffic accident, private property damage, 2210 Simmons

Follow-up investigation, local event, 201 8th

Process service, warrant, North at 4th

Process service, warrant, 1510 Texas Ave.

Simple assault, 407 Morrell

Process service, warrant, 2nd at Morrell

Jail escape, 205 Border

Assault, Class A, 518 Dupont

Process service, warrant, 3300 block 16th

Mental subject, IH-10 W/Sabine River Bridge

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 3200 16th St.

Traffic accident, injury, IH-10 E