At 3:30 Monday morning, Orange police were dispatched to the 4300 block of Bob Hall Rd., in reference to an intoxicated male with a gun. On arrival, Officer James Gillen met with a woman and another man outside the residence.

Police were advised that the suspect was a deaf male, who was in a bedroom at the residence. The woman went on to say that the suspect had a handgun and was upset that he had been assaulted at an unknown residence on Bob Hall Rd.

Officer Gillen was advised that there were also four small children in the residence along with four other adults. All occupants, except a white female speaking with the suspect were escorted from the residence and officers set up a perimeter on the residence and prepared to make entry.

At this point, Officer Gillen observed the front door of the residence to be open, and that the suspect and the woman speaking with him had moved into the kitchen, and the suspect didn’t have a gun in his hand.

Officers were able to take the 34 year old man into custody without incidence. He was patted down for officer safety and was found to be in possession of a loaded, semi-automatic 9mm weapon.

After a criminal history had been run on the man, police were advised that he had an aggravated assault conviction and a six year sentence from 252 District Court in Beaumont. He also told police that he had been released from prison July 12, 2007, and had not met his five year anniversary of release.

Police observed the man to have a busted lip and swollen eye, and due to the man being hearing impaired, he was unable to give all the details of the assault, or exact location where it occurred other than a residence on Bob Hall Rd.

While police were speaking with the man, they detected the odor of alcohol on his breath and person. He was transported to Memorial Hermann Baptist Hospital for further evaluation, and a jail clearance.

After being treated for his injuries and released from the hospital, he was transported to the Orange County Jail and released to jail personnel.