An Orange man was arrested Monday evening on possession of controlled substance charges after he was found sleeping in a parking lot on Farragut.

Officers Patrick McDonald and Captain R. Enmon both responded to the vehicle parked in the Blue Bird Boat Ramp parking lot.

Police observed the vehicle parked with all the lights off and sitting at the far end of the parking lot. As police approached the vehicle, a black male was observed to be leaning back in the driver’s seat, and appeared to be asleep.

When officers knocked on the window of the vehicle, the man, who was identified as Maxwell George James,36, of Orange, woke up and exited the vehicle. Upon James exiting the vehicle, officers observed the strong odor of marijuana.

Upon receiving verbal consent from James, police searched the vehicle. Captain Enmon observed a clear plastic baggy with what was believed to be marijuana inside. James stated that it was marijuana.

James was taken into custody for possession of marijuana and transported to the Orange County Jail.