Saturday, Feb. 25, 25 select students from Community Christian School in Orange competed in the Math Olympics at Lifestyle Christian School in Conroe.

The following students brought home prizes in various categories:

Third grade computation: Rachel Ross, superior ribbon, 4th place overall; James Menard, superior ribbon; and Chloe Griffin, excellent ribbon.

Third grade reasoning: Tal Watson, superior ribbon, 5th place overall; Blake Johnston, superior ribbon; and Kaghan Odom, excellent ribbon.

Fourth grade computation: Hannah Shearin, excellent ribbon; Brice Sylestine, excellent ribbon.

Fourth grade reasoning award went to Hannah Chitty, excellent ribbon.

Fifth grade reasoning: Blaine Manucy, good reasoning; sixth grade reasoning, Nate Willett, good ribbon and seventh grade reasoning, Josh Howard, excellent reasoning.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants.