A man was jailed Wednesday morning after eating a meal at Waffle House on Hwy. 62, and walking out without paying.

Christopher Brian Granger, 27, of Orange, went into the restaurant and ordered a meal that was priced at $7.74. After finishing his meal, Granger passed all points of payment and walked exited the business without paying.

Upon arrival at Waffle House, Officer James Roy made contact with Stephen Mozingo, who is an employee at the restaurant. Mozingo told Officer Roy that after the man left, he walked in the direction of the Country Store across the street.

While Mozingo was pointing at the Country Store, Granger was spotted and he began to run away. Police drove across the street, and located Granger behind the store. Granger was taken back to Waffle House and positively identified as the suspect.

Charges were filed, and Granger was taken into custody for a Class C theft. He was transported to the Orange County Jail and booked.