There is nothing like being in the exact right spot at the exact right time. For a group of local anglers that’s exactly what happened last week as they converged on perhaps the hottest bass fishing lake anywhere, Lake Falcon. Catching the conditions absolutely perfect is an understatement as a group of anglers from Orange hit the water on the famed border lake and began a trip of a lifetime.

For many folks who fish freshwater the ridiculous numbers of big bass that have been caught recently and are still being caught on Falcon come as no surprise. The eye popping stringer weights that routinely come from this body of water are nothing short of incredible. A recent five fish stringer by one angler weighed in at almost 54 pounds, yes that’s right, 54 pounds! Five fish all over ten pounds by one angler in one day of fishing is absolutely incredible no matter how you look at it.

The group of local anglers that made the trek down south was mainly made up of several friends who work at a local plant. Over the years their group that made this trip has expanded as word of the tremendous fishing spread. I first got wind of how good the fishing was thru a text message from David Fegia of Orange. My phone went off and I looked in amazement at one of the big fish they had caught and thought to myself, “nice fish.”

Not too long after that here comes another photo, and another, and yet another photo of a giant bass. I was blown away to say the least and it only got worse when David sent me another message with a run down of the fish they had caught and they still had two more days until they were scheduled to leave.

Every day they fished they had at least 1 fish over 10 pounds and several over 8. One of David’s partners in the boat was Mike Murphy, also of Orange and a die hard bass fisherman for sure. Mike was fortunate enough to catch a fish over 11 pounds two days in a row! Murphy wasn’t the only angler the bass gods shined down on, Jimmy Railey also had back to back days with double digit fish topped off by an 11 pounder as well. To say these guys were on a roll would be an extreme understatement.

Lake Falcon has in the recent past has received some negative press due to the fact that some of the lake is actually in Mexico and there have been some safety concerns.

“Never once did we feel threatened or nervous on the lake and we spent quite a bit of time fishing the Mexico side of the lake” said Fegia. “There were Coast Guard boats, Texas game wardens, and other law enforcement agencies all over the water during the time we were there and we never had the slightest problem. We were respectful of the Mexican fishermen who run Tilapia nets and they never bothered us one bit.”

Even with Falcon being 25 feet below normal pool level there were plenty of different patterns and areas to fish. Most of the anglers from Orange said they keyed in on creek channels and rocky points or shorelines. The majority of the bigger fish were caught on Carolina rigs in eight to ten feet of water. A few fish were caught on crankbaits and spinnerbaits as well as Texas rigged worms. Almost every big fish caught was released alive to fight another day, a practice that is greatly encouraged by all the anglers on Falcon.

From everything I’ve seen it appears that Falcon is certainly living up to the hype. If you don’t believe me just ask around, I’m sure one of the guys from the trip will be glad to share a picture or story with you. I know I would.