Three Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School students attended the State Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) Convention on Feb. 12-14, in San Antonio. Junior Kailey Rountree, and senior Erin Tutt competed in the “Educational Leadership Fundamentals” test, and Erin was one of ten students in the State who was interviewed for the TAFE “Student of the Year” Award. Erin also placed First in Region V for TAFE in the “Lesson Plan” competition.

Sophomore Taylor Dempsey wrote a children’s book for the “Count on Character” competition. Sarah St. John, a junior, who was unable to attend the conference, illustrated the children’s book titled “Soup for Dayton.”

During the conference, Erin, Kailey, and Taylor were able to visit with Stacy Bess, the author of the book “Nobody Don’t Love Nobody,” that inspired the Hallmark movie “Beyond the Blackboard.”