Thursday, members from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) gave local officials and citizens their first look at initial drafts of updated flood maps for Orange County. There were representatives from all Orange County Municipalities, county officials, business and homeowners.

Larry Voice, an engineer with FEMA in Region 6 answered questions people had as they viewed the maps.

These maps are just drafts, in a few months preliminary maps will be released and will be posted to the internet at that time for anyone to access.

In the meantime, Voice said, “The county judge has requested we get a copy [of the maps] to him.” He said they are also going to get a few copies out to some other offices. “We’re asking them not to make copies and hand them out. People can go over there and look at them.”

Since these are just drafts they do not want them disseminated at this time. Once the preliminary maps are released there will be a period of time before they become official allowing time for people to ask questions and for any protests to be filed.

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