Over 15,000 tulips were planted downtown around The W.H. Stark House and Frances Ann Lutcher Theater of the Performing Art during the month of January.

Chris Jones, Downtown Gardening Supervisor for the Stark Foundation, invites area residents to see the blooms that have already started to appear and will continue through early spring.

“This year is already marked by the beginnings of a successful bloom and we encourage the public to stop by and see the colorful display,” say Jones. “Optimal growing conditions are necessary for tulips to thrive and germinate in the Southeast Texas Region, and with this year’s recent cold spells the conditions seem ideal, but you never know until blooms begin to appear. Thankfully, this spring will be a perfect time for families to visit the grounds in downtown Orange for the colors of spring.”

Though the planting of the bulbs at The Stark House and at Lutcher Theater was quite an undertaking, Jones is pleased with this year’s efforts to expand the beautification project.

Tulip blooms can be seen around the Lutcher Theater at 707 Main Avenue and around The W.H. Stark House at 610 Main Avenue.