Marriage licenses issued by the office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerkfor the week Feb. 27 – March 2:

Duncan T. Connolly and Tamra Y. Baldwin

Lakin A. Lisenby and Rachel E. Keith

Che E Tuma and Mispa W. Njinwa

George W. Webb and Maria Elany E. Bongcawil

Artis L. Rubin Jr. and Ebony N. Hope

Charles H. Murphy Jr. and Kara C. Bernard

Simon D. Anderson and Michelle L. Higginbotham

Joseph W. Major and Tammy M. Ash

Brent M. Williams and Jennifer H. Sims

Barry L. Dronet and Cara A. Blanchette

Jonathan A. Droddy and Shalyn M. Whitmire

Kenneth A. Welch and Tiffany A. Broussard

Lance F. Johnson and Shabana H. Naqvi