St. Mary Catholic School PreK through second graders were the first students to experience the “Traveling Legos,” a learning experience hosted by the Art Museum of Southeast Texas.

Ms. Reagan Slovak’s first grade class divided into groups and used them for Math lessons. One group counted by two while another piled the Legos and estimated how many, then counted to check their accuracy. A third group made stacks then measured the result of their work. The fourth group used the blocks to make word problems and solve them while the last group was adding then subracting the Legos. 

Mrs. Susan Thompson’s Kindergarten class read the book, The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. Most of the students worked individually to make a tree with the Legos. At the same time, a group of the students built the factory. Mrs. Rhonda Harmon’s PreK3 class were stacking and measuring the Logos.

Next week the Legos move on to another school.