While we’re enjoying the nice weather and a big, bright, full moon hanging up high, it’s easy to forget that many are facing devastation. Tornados have swept through many states leaving over 50 people dead and many more left homeless and with everything gone. Some communities have been totally wiped out. Unless you’re a victim, it’s easy to just ignore those unfortunate people’s problems. The Tuesday “USA Today” newspaper, the nations largest, has no coverage of the vast destruction in several states. To us on the Gulf Coast, who have been victimized by hurricanes, can appreciate the heartbreak those in a tornados path are going through. I wouldn’t trade our hurricanes for their cyclones. Today is Super Tuesday, with elections in 10 states, but I’m sure those storm victims could care less about politics yet “USA Today” donated six pages to Super Tuesday. Romney will be the eventual GOP nominee but he won’t hit a homerun today but he should get a good double, with some close wins. He will be a weak candidate even if he hits a triple. Gotta move on; please come along, it won’t do you no harm.


My intentions were not to get into the contraception controversy, letting the chips fall where they would on that one. However, here comes Rush Limbaugh with the vilest attack on a young female college student I’ve ever heard. I considered no one in his right mind would launch such an attack. I watched the clip several times and I’m convinced Rush was not in his right mind. The four-time married Rush has always belittled women, but never went this far before. I’m convinced this guy, who had a 4,000 a month pill habit, on this day was loaded on something, possibly something stronger than pills. Republicans have been waging “War on Women” because of GOP’s stances on contraception. Limbaugh’s tirade, on his radio talk show, was a vast escalation. For three days he doubled down on his attack of Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown university law student, who had testified that a friend had an ovary removed because her insurance company wouldn’t cover the prescription birth control she needed to stop the growth of cysts. On Wednesday, Limbaugh unleashed a lengthy, verbal assault. His face was red, his hands waving wildly when he said, “What does it say about the college coed—who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex?” Limbaugh continued, “It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute, she wants to be paid to have sex.” “We want something for it. We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch.”
The backlash began quickly. Members of congress, women’s groups, administrators and faculty of her Roman Catholic University backed fluke. She received a call from President Obama, who told her that her parents should be proud of her. Not one of the GOP leaders chastised Limbaugh. FOX News, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Riely gave Rush cover. Clear Channels, owners of 800 stations, announced they have a multi-million dollar yearly contract with Limbaugh through 2016. To date a dozen of his sponsors have cancelled their advertising. I’ve been holding a small survey of my own about contraception. I haven’t found one woman in two-dozen, including Catholics, who didn’t use contraceptives at one time or another. Not one. All admit it should be covered by their health insurance even though some no longer need it. Women won’t forget, that you can bet on.

10 Years Ago-2002

Demolition of the Bridge City Junior High School begins in order to make way for the construction, starting this summer, of the new high school. A $19,675 million bond issue passed last year funds the $11.9 million building. Assistant Superintendent Joe Chenella said if everything goes as scheduled classes in the new facilities should start in the fall of 2003. *****Bridge City merchants plan festive come back. Members of the Bridge City Merchants are Debbie’s Gold Gem, Luv Lingerie, Wayside Florist, Barbara’s Photography, Peddlers Lane, Classy Peacock, Tropical Tan, Gifts of Grace, Total Impressions and Mona’s Cedar Chest. *****Bridge City football player Jason Yeaman has been selected to the “Texas Football All-Star Team,” which will play in the Down Under Bowl in Australia. *****Jason Mathews is inducted into the “Gulf Coast Sports Museum.”*****Bald Eagles have been spotted near Bridge City by the edge of Twin Lakes. *****Matt Hardy turns 18 years old on March 9. *****Robert Foster and Chris Richter turn 50. *****The Rev. Dale Vance endorses Karen Jo Vance for re-election as county clerk. His open public letter, in part says, “I’ve known Karen Jo 29 years. I married her. I married her to my son Robert; I’m a preacher you see. Karen has been a great addition to our family. We love her.” (Editor’s note: the Rev. Vance has passed away since he wrote that letter but Karen Jo and Robert are still married and she is still our county clerk.)*****The Bridge City Chamber named Megan Pike, of Bridge City and Autumn Scott, of Orangefield, as “Students of the Month.”*****Douglas Clark’s sculpture of Orange County native Bum Phillips can be viewed at Port Arthur’s Museum of the Gulf Coast.

35 Years Ago-1977

Brown Claybar, 26, an Orange native, who supported the school merger, has become the 10th candidate for the post of West Orange-Cove School Board. Claybar and wife Linda have a preschool age son, Warren, and are expecting another child in June. (Editor’s note: Brown did get elected to the school board, ran for and was elected mayor of Orange. After many years of accomplishments, he is retiring and not running for re-election. His pre-school age son, in 1977, is now running the family funeral home business. Time just moves on.)*****The H.D. Pate’s move into a newly acquired home purchased from Charlie Guidry in Sylvan Glades. *****Howard and Evelyn Morse and Bill and Elaine Townes are in Dallas making grocery purchases for the grand opening of “Big Red Pantry” in April. A fire destroyed the original Morse’s’ Super Market. The new store will replace it on Texas Ave. in Bridge City. *****Nolton Brown celebrates his birthday this week. *****Coach Barbara Williams, Bridge City girl’s basketball coach, gave birth to a baby girl last week*****Bridge City Little League selects Jerry McInnis as president. (Editor’s note: Jerry went on to hold the presidency for 30 years.)*****The number one country song is “Say You’ll Stay Until Tomorrow” by Tom Jones. Number 10 is “She’s Just an Old Love Turned Memory” by Charlie Pride. *****Bill Nickum, Rotary program chairman, has announced that Ginger Rigby, teacher, who heads up the Remedial Reading Instructional under the Title One program, will be guest speaker at the next Rotary meeting. (Editor’s note: A few years later Mrs. Rigby unfortunately drowned in Cow Bayou in front of her home.)


Dana Bourque, Betty Henry, Jennifer Barclay, Mike White, Libby Mitchell, Misty Thurman, Rick Trahan, Charles Day, Leisa Miller, Shelly Granger, Brandon Phillips, Carol Smith, Christi Wiegreffe, David Thibodeaux, Pat Pate, Ryan Buker, Liz Weaver, Angela Burris, Brittney Zenos, Charlie Bradley, Don Grooms, Elaine Padgett, Claudia Gilson, Santiago Baca, Jordon Doiron, Josh Goss, Gloria Jones, Ken Hillsten, Mary White, Wade Gillett, B.W. Parks, Bob Izer, Pat Lund, Rick McCall, James McClanahan, Cindy Reynolds, Dottie Gunstream, George Baker, Kate Benoit, AJ Strahan, “Colton “”CJ”” Dugan”, Jack Morgan, Bryleigh Moore, Andrew Willingham, Carol Ann Kimbrow, Rod Sheppard, Amy Peevey, Kyle Dubose, Jean Braus, John Collin Kimbrow, Lindsey Bland, Claude Tarver and Lana Sepulvado.


American Idol has selected its top 13 finalists. Season 11 could be one of the most balanced ever. One area contestant, 19-year-old Joshua Ledet, of West Lake, La., which is on the west side of the Lake Charles Bridge is a smooth R&B crooner. He has the potential to be one of the most dynamic performers. Texas has only one finalist, 18-year-old Hollie Cavanagh of McKinney, Texas. She is a British born, very attractive teenager. Her performance of Christina Aquilera’s “Reflection” leads me to believe she won’t be the strongest female in the contest. Other contestants are Colton Dixon, 20, Tennessee, Elise Testone, 28, South Carolina, Heejun Han, 22, New York, Jessica Sanchez, 16, San Diego, Phillip Phillips, 21, Georgia, Skylar Laine, 18, Mississippi, Jermaine Jones, 25, New Jersey, Shannon Margane, 16, Florida, DeAndre Brackensick, 17, California, Erika Van Pelt, 26, Rhode Island, Jeremy Rosado, 19, Florida. The show airs Wednesday at 7 p.m. on FOX. This group is so evenly matched there doesn’t seem to be an early favorite. It will be an interesting final. *****I understand Mowers Tractors, Inc., 411 Border Street, is having a big, annual open house this Friday and Saturday. See Steve and Susan Moore and the gang. Get ready for grass cutting time with a great Dixie Clipper or any good deal of your choice.*****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK: Bloodstains on clothes are a problem. Not really, just pour a little hydrogen peroxide on a cloth and proceed to wipe off every drop of blood. Believe me, it works every time. *****CAJUN DEFINATION: praline (praw-leen). It’s the sweetest of sweets. This New Orleans tradition is a candy patty made of sugar, cream and pecans. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch had an overflow crowd at Robert’s Restaurant last week. Some friends attending that are not regulars were the Huffman’s, Betty and Jack, former Orange city manager and also former manager in Greeley, Colorado and Irving Texas. He and B.J., both natives of Orange, despite owning a large ranch near Fredericksburg, have come back home to spend their remaining years. They are happy and say there’s no place like home.***Donna Scales made her famous Almond Joy cake to celebrate Leap Year. Husband Jimmie, along with Judge Don Peters, followed the cake. Betty Harmon joined Corky, Commissioner David Dubose, Judge Mike Abbott and Lynn Arceneaux were able to visit and see friends. Our friends Cedric and Cherry Stout are always special guest. Cedric is our Pearl Harbor survivor. King Dunn, 93, is doing better since his hospital stay and Marlene Merritt is about over her foot surgery. We missed the sheriff Wednesday because he was out searching the river for a missing person. Even Brandy Slaughter, who had been absent lately, showed up, along with a couple of dozen others. The Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s this Wednesday and back at Robert’s next.*****Folks celebrating birthdays March 7  are our buddy Rick Trahan, Mike White and Libby Mitchell.***On March 8 a couple of special lady friends Pat Pate and Liz Weaver celebrate birthdays. ***On March 9, Don Grooms, Elaine Padgett and Jordan Doiron celebrate. ***Wade Gillett and Bob Izzer have birthdays March 10. ***Getting a year older is Pat Lund, Cindy Reynolds, Dottie Gunstream and Kate Benoit on March 11. ***Celebrating on March 12 are Bryleigh and Carol Ann Kimbrow. ***Turning a year older is Jean Braus, Amy Peevey, Kyle Dubose, John Collin Kimbrow, Lindsey Bland and Claude Tarver. *****Lyle Lovett’s 25-year relationship with Curb Records is over. The independent musician has always played his way anyway. A native of Klein, Texas, Lyle today lives there with his longtime girlfriend, April Kimble. His grandfather, who the town of Klein is named for, built the home. Lyle’s latest album “Release Me” features some new songs, songs by Eric Taylor, Townes VanZandt, John Grimaudo, a piece of early Rock-N-Roll by Chuck Berry and also an old Ray Price country song.*****It was sad to learn that Coach Darrell Royal has had dementia for several years. His wife Rita has started an Alzheimer’s Foundation. We met Coach Royal many years ago and were with him on several occasions. He’s one of the greatest people I’ve even met.*****Our friend Charles Pratt is in hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery and our prayers go out to he and Edee, who hasn’t been well herself.*****District Attorney John Kimbrough is losing a capable and conscientious assistant. Amanda Sharp will be leaving and going to work in the DA’s office in New Braunfels. Her finance, a veterinarian, will be working in Luling, 30 miles away. Folks at the courthouse say she is a lot of fun to be around and will be missed. We wish Amanda the best and a long, happy married life.


Wanda Sykes will be 48 on March 7; Peter Sarsgaard, 42; Jenna Fischer, 38 and John Heard, 67.***On March 8, Kathy Ireland will be 49 and Freddie Prinze Jr., 36.***Bow Wow will be 25 on March 10 and Chingy, 32.***On March 10, Sharon Stone, 54; Carrie Underwood will be 29 and Chuck Norris, 72.***Benji and Joel Madden will be 33 on March 11; Anton Yelchin, 23 and Johnny Knoxville, 41.***Liza Minnelli will be 66 on March 12; James Taylor 64 and Aaron Eckhart, 44.***Common will be 40 on March 13; Emile Hirsch, 27 and Harry Melling, 23.


Clovis Comeaux left Breaux Bridge, driving to New Orleans. Going down Canal Street he was in a bind him because he had an important meeting and couldn’t find a parking place. Nearly panic, he look up to da Heaven and said, “Lord, take pity on me please. If you find me a parking place I will go to church every Sunday and give up drinking dat whiskey.” Miraculously, jus like dat, a half block away, a parking place appeared. Clovis him, look up to Heaven again and say, “Never mind, Lord, I found one me.”
Clovis run down da street, at da crossing da cop stop da flow of traffic and shouted, “Okay pedestrians.” Den he allow da traffic to pass. Da cop done dis several times and Clovis still stood on da sidewalk. After da cop shouted “pedestrians” a few more times, Clovis him, is mad and going late. He went up to dat cop and say, “Look here, ain’t it about time you let da Catholics across, hanh?”


Well, the Texas primary interim redistricting maps were finally set last week by a San Antonio Federal Court.  The state primaries will be May 29; filing period ends Friday, March 9. Anyone who wants to file or maybe looking at their hole card and want to file with a different party affiliation can do so until Friday. Absentee ballots can be requested starting March 30. Deadline for voter registration cards to be issued is April 25. Candidates have until April 9 to establish residency in the district they have declared to run in. Runoffs, if needed, will be delayed until July 31.*****In local elections we were glad to see that our friends Jimmy Sims and Essie Bellfield will be on the Orange City Council. Jimmy will be the new mayor. He has some big shoes to fill. Brown Claybar is and has been a very good mayor. Essie is a former Orange mayor and they will work well together.*****Luck of the draw. Our guy David Ball, running for Pinehurst city council in a crowded field, with beginners luck, drew number one for a chance at two council seats.*****I’ve run plumb out of time and space. I thank you for coming along. Please read us cover to cover and patronize those in our advertising family. Be sure to tell them we sent you. Finally, I can get to dunking Oreo cookies in milk in observance of Oreo’s 100th birthday. If it doesn’t have a double cross on it, it’s not Oreo. Thanks again, take care and God bless.