Recently, students from Community Christian School competed in the ACSI Speech Meet, and were successful in bringing home one gold, and three silver medals. CCS is proud to recognize the performance of each student who participated in the meet.

Students who participated and what they received are listed below:

First grade poetry, Connor Dewberry, excellent ribbon;

Second grade poetry, Austin Pigott, excellent ribbon;

Third grade Bible memorization, James Menard, excellent ribbon;

Third grade poetry, Kaghan Odom, superior ribbon/gold medal;

Third grade fables and folklore, Blake Johnston, superior ribbon/silver medal;

Fifth grade poetry, Allison Le, superior ribbon/silver medal;

Sixth grade Bible memorization, Marlaina Delarosa, good ribbon;

Sixth grade patriotic oration, Marlee Bird, good ribbon;

Sixth grade Bible prose, Macy LeBlanc, superior ribbon/silver medal

Congratulations to all participants and winners.