Well, the clock has sprung forward and I’ve been screwed up every since. Besides being away, I haven’t been too perky but will do my best to bring you another entertaining, informative column. I always welcome any tidbits you might have. Just let us know. Thanks to the mosquito control the skeeters are not as bad. I dread when our little homegrown skeeters hatch out, those little suckers hurt. Fair weather is predicted for the next few days and it’s spring break time. That always worries me; it looks like every year we lose a youngster or so in auto accidents during the break. We don’t thank our family of advertisers often enough. We appreciate them and ask you to look them over and patronize them when you can. Thanks also to our loyal readers who make us the most widely read and popular newspaper in our market area. Finally, thanks to our employees, editorial, composition, office, sales executives and carriers. You’re the best. I’ve got to move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


It seems that all my life on St. Patrick’s Day everyone is Irish, even the Cajuns. Celebrating St. Paddy is like regular folks celebrating Mardi Gras. St. Pat’s Day is on Saturday this year so you can drink plenty of green beer and without worrying about working the next day.  The Republican Primary candidate Mitt Romney just can’t close the deal. He’s tried saying, y’all and eating steaming grits and still the best he could do in Alabama, Mississippi is a split showing. Maybe he should have tried eating liver and onions on the grits. I bet he doesn’t know what liver is. He’s running against a former senator who was defeated in his own state by 18 points and driven out of office. Another opponent is a long ago has been that was driven out of office by his own party. Also running for the nomination is a 76-year old congressman who has a far out agenda. Yet Mitt W. Romney can’t get over 50 percent of the votes in any contest. He’ll end up with the nomination; he has too much money and the Republican establishment to lose. If the race drags on at it’s present rate, splitting the delegates, it will possibly go all the way to Texas May 29. At this time Santorum has a 30-point lead in the Texas polls. Some of the historians say that Independents are not turning out. Romney is already a flawed candidate; Newt and Rick have exposed him. On health care, Obama based this national insurance reform on Mitt’s Massachusetts plan. Mitt, on video, called for a national plan based on his plan, including mandates. President Obama even conferred with Mitt’s people. He can’t sell, “Repeal of Obama Care on his first day in office,” that won’t hunt. Newt has already proved that Romney didn’t create jobs, he took over companies, ran off labor, made the companies lean and then sold them for big bucks that he pocketed.
The speculation is that by November unemployment will be eight percent or below, making up most of the eight million jobs lost under the Bush Administration. Gas prices will fall below $3. It would be easy to ease gas prices if the congress went along. Just eliminate Federal taxes on every gallon of gas. Get the oil companies to cut profits 40 cents to 50 cents per gallon, instead of making $11 billion a quarter; they’ll only make $9 billion. Fifty-six cents of every gallon right now is Wall Street speculation. The economy will continue to grow despite the Congress sitting on their hands. Over 150,000 bridges need repair. They were built to last 50 years, 45 years ago. Highways also need repair. Instant growth, if the congress would pass the Highway Bill. They won’t. Their goal is to beat Obama, not improve his and the American people’s situation. Finally what a knowledgeable Republican friend told me is that their biggest fear is Santorum coming in a strong second, Mitt losing to Obama and Santorum becoming the leader of the GOP and the front-runner for 2016. The established GOP choice four years from now is Jeb Bush. That would create another clash, with a moderate conservative and Santorum, again at the extreme right. They also are concerned about losing down-ballot candidates in the Romney/Obama November race but they fear Santorum most as a future hurdle. You may agree or disagree its only educated speculation on my part. Now let’s get ready for St. Pat and the green beer.


Leroy “Lee” Brown, 78, passed away Friday, March 8. Service was held Tuesday at Community Church. I first met Lee 50 years ago when he and wife Dorothy moved to Orange to establish a hearing aid business. Pioneering a business from the ground up is not always easy. Times were often difficult for Lee and Dorothy but they worked at it. I recall when Bill Cunningham ran the office while Lee handled outside sales. Lee found the Lord and spent the rest of his life honoring his Maker. His business grew and today, Brown Hearing Centers are successful and respected for their quality merchandise and outstanding service. For some time now the company has been operated by family members. Lee was a good man. I’m proud I have been privileged to call he and Dorothy friends all these many years. We extend our deepest sympathy to the family, friends and customers. We’ll miss him. May he rest in peace. Please see obit.


Willis Neeld Pope Sr., 89, of Deweyville, passed away on Sunday March 11. He was the father of Bill Pope, a longtime Record employee. His dad lived with him and died at home. Services will be Friday, 2 p.m., March 16, at Dorman Funeral Home. Visitation will be Thursday, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the funeral home. He was a World War II veteran. Another good man from the Greatest Generation has left us. We extend our condolences not only to Bill but also to daughters Diana Craig and Carolyn Alexander and their families. Please see obit.


Texas ID law would have diminished voter rolls. Millions of potential voters would be rejected at the polls if the state measure were okayed. Widespread complications in the upcoming presidential elections are forecasted. As many as 18 percent of all registered voters lack state government issued photo IDs to match voter registration cards, many of them elderly. If approved the new law would have required voters to present official Department of Public Safety ID’s that mirror their registration cards. The Texas voter ID law was reviewed Monday by the U.S. Department of Justice and by Federal courts. The Justice Department rightfully declined on Monday to give clearance to Senate Bill 1400.  The grounds requirements would place an undue burden on voters, many who don’t possess state issued identification. The Bill would have suppressed voter participation. In the past, only five fraud cases per year have been filed. It would have disenfranchised many of the poor and elderly and minorities. Texas is among 15 states controlled by Republicans asking that photo ID be required. The Justice Department earlier rejected South Carolina’s voter ID law. Alabama and Mississippi both have ID laws that are not yet effective. Federal courts will rule later on lawsuits filed by the state. Voting should always be made easier, not suppressed, to help one party’s case. A few years ago, voters locally could vote at Wal-Mart and other locations in order to encourage more participation in the political process. The ID bill is strictly political, giving advantage to one party. The Justice Department should be complimented for looking out for all citizens. Photo ID issued, by the state, is like a poll tax receipt and a bad law.


Congratulations to the Lamar Cardinal men’s basketball team. The Cards meet Vermont at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. A win against the Catamounts would propel the Cards to a match up with number one seed the North Carolina Tar Heels on Friday at 3 p.m. The odds are very long that the Cardinals can win this one. I remember they said the same about Virginia Commonwealth last year. First however, the Cards have to get by Vermont. We’re proud of Coach Pat Knight and his talented Red Birds for a return trip to the show after a dozen years of staying home. *****Good luck to all of our local candidates who are opposed in their race. Congrats to all the candidates who got a free ride and will not have to go through a costly race. *****Congrats to CASA on their successful breakfast at Chili’s Tuesday morning. The waitresses were great and a good amount of money was raised.

10 Years Ago-2002
Burgess is toasted and roasted at Bridge City.

Friends and colleagues poked good-natured fun at Ninth Court of Appeals Judge Don Burgess at the Chamber’s ninth celebrity annual roast. Sue Ball and Sen. Carl Parker told of helping Burgess get his first judgeship. Sue said she went to Austin to lobby Gov. Dolph Briscoe to appoint Burgess to the 268th District Court. He was a law partner of H.D. Pate at the time and the Governor was reluctant to appoint him because he owned an eighth interest in a racehorse. Judge Buddie Hahn, who succeeded Burgess as 260th Court judge, told about Don’s Albert’s Inn days. As an assistant district attorney he had long side burns, a beard, long hair, wore a Willie Nelson hat and went by the nickname of “Yosemite Sam.” It was hard for Don to prosecute drunks because he didn’t think it was a crime. Chief Justice Ron Walker zeroed in on Don’s golf game. “He brings two dozen balls and has to borrow some by the 18th hole,” Walker said. *****Michael Gentry stepped up to replace Robert Montagne as superintendent of Orangefield School District. He has spent 33 years in education, 27 at Orangefield. He climbed the latter from teacher, principle and assistant superintendent. His appointment will be official March 25. *****The Salvation Army will turn 100 and move into new building. Lifetime Members citations are awarded to Bill Maultsby, Betty Harmon and Elizabeth Williams. *****Shannon and Thelma Messer celebrate their 60th anniversary March 14. They have six children, Karen Meaux, Judge Benfield, Becky Picard, Sharon Henry, Thelma Swearinger and Dr. Mark Messer. *****Peter Cloeren Sr., 85, died Friday, March 8. He was founder of Cloeren INC.*****Eddie Ruppart, 84, died March 9. *****More than 55 coaches have applied for the Athletic Director and Head Football Coaches job at Bridge City. *****It was a lively Lunch Bunch gathering at the Golden Corral last week. Johnny Montagne and “Cochise” attended, Commissioner John Dubose, claimed the gathering. It was also revealed that Sharon Bearden’s very first date was with Janice Gauthier Menard. Any Orange High boy took his life in his hands dating a Cove girl, picking her up and dropping her off was risky. *****Orangefield Crawfish and Crab Festival, at Jewel Cormier Park, will be held March 22-24. Music stars appearing are Wayne Toups, LA Kingfish, Jo-El Sonnier, Jude Moreau and the Bon Ton Playboys, Gary Bertrand, Terry Craft, Jerry Bellot and Cajun Friends and others. Tee Bruce Broussard will be Emcee, A.J. Judice will play his ding-a-ling. Carnival rides and plenty of food booths will be available. *****Mitch Singleton will pitch for West Orange-Stark; Derek Blacksher is star pitcher for Bridge City.

35 Years Ago-1977

Uncle Jim McKay celebrates his 92nd birthday March 10. (Editor’s note: Uncle Jim would be 127 today. He lived to be 101.)*****Phyllis Dunn’s mom and dad, Amy and Whitney Oubre, celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary March 10. *****Bridge City’s first mayor, P.M. “Red” Wood, seeks a fourth term. *****Bobby Hoosier, son of Frances and Tonka Hoosier, is in John Sealy Burn Unit after surviving an oil well fire in the Gulf of Mexico. He is considered in critical condition. (Editor’s note: Bobby made it and then moved to California about 30 years ago. His mom and dad still live in Bridge City.)*****Dan Bray was rescued after two days stranded in the marsh with no food. A fishing trip he will never forget. *****J.K. Conn, while in Dallas, stole Charlie Wickersham’s shoes and wore them even though they were two sizes too small. He cut the back out and made slippers out of them. Charlie had to buy new shoes. (Editor’s note: Jimmy was forever doing this kind of joke. A book could be written about his crazy exploits.)


Jill Peveto, John Brister, Martha Williams, Anthony Fraccastoro, Bud Briggs, Gene Harper, Dick Powell, Dusty Jennings, Jennifer Kelly, Julie Myers, Addie Batson, Amber Doiron, Stevee Kidwell, Buffy Doiron, Jordan Doiron, Karli Anderson, Leslie Paula Robinson, Dorothy Morris, Margie Baker, Cody Edwards, Brenda Swan, Ernie Edwards, John Tallant, Martha Dyer Howell, Luke McFarlane, Sally Wingard, Stephanie Hughes, Tiffany Moreau, Ty Moreland, Elroy Edwards, Josh Sims, Geraldine Cherry, Beth Shepherd, Corky Harmon, Tammy Stark, Christin Wright, Courtnie Campbell, Deborah Miller, Roman Carpenter, Hannah Walles, Brandy Mayo, Donna Fong, Abby Ludwig, Ben Walles, Jamie Preston, Jan Savage, Diane Sims, Keely Benefield, Kamela Latiolais, Brittany Backer and Erma Goss.


Orange resident Nicki Richard will be auditioning for The Voice, in Los Angeles, CA, on March 31. We wish her very best. *****Jacelyn Cook took second place at the Community Christian Science Fair in her first ever competition. Parents Jacob and Angelique are still smiling. This was her first competition. *****Brandon Burns is graduating from Air Force Boot Camp this week in San Antonio. He is the son of Kelly Burns, Judge Pat’s court reporter. *****Speaking of Judge Pat, he and Rosalie just returned from Florida where they attended their granddaughter’s First Communion. Also they would like to invite everyone to the St. Joseph’s Altar this Sunday, March 18, at St. Mary’s Church Parish Hall, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.*****Kudos to Geneva Wickware who makes this world a better place. She spends her days taking widows to grocery shop, run errands or to church on Sunday. Many widows cannot drive so Geneva takes care of them. She will be blessed for her good deeds. *****With no residency requirement on members of congress they can run anywhere. That makes me wonder why Con. Kevin Brady didn’t choose to stay in our newly created District 36. At last count, 11 candidates are vying for the open seat, nine Republicans, one Democrat and a Libertarian. Among that bunch is former Con. Steve Stockman, who switched his choice from running in the Jefferson County District 14 and having to face Nick Lampson again if he made it to November. It doesn’t matter who is elected here, we still get shorted with no local representation. The closest candidates are Daniel Whitton, Buna and Keith Casey, Sour Lake, both Republicans. The only Democrat is Max Martin of Sour Lake. *****The world’s richest man, Carlos Slim of Mexico, will launch a new online show featuring Larry King, who spent 25 years with CNN. No date has been set for when ORA-TV will become available. *****Roy’s sister Faye, who lives in Carencro, reports that they received 15 inches of ran on Monday. Dozens of homes flooded. Water was waist deep on some streets. *****Judge David Peck attended a Landlord Tenant Law Conference at Rayburn Country last week. (Ask him about his dream.)*****Army Private Blake Journeay stopped off in Orange to visit mom Trish on his way to his first duty station at Ft. Sam Houston, in San Antonio. He is serving with the 418th Medical logistics Unit. *****Sheriff’s Office Purchasing/Financial Clerk Jean Parker is retiring after 24 years. She started as Huel Fontenot’s secretary. Her last day will be March 31. We wish this nice lady the very best. *****A few folks celebrating their special day this week: Julie Myers, a nice lady with a great personality is a year older on March 15. ***The Doiron’s, Amber on the March 15, Buffy and Jordan celebrate on March 16. ***Stephanie Hughes and Hubert Meadows celebrate on March 17. ***Our longtime friend, Corky Harmon, keeps on keeping on with another big day March 18. Best wishes for many more healthy years. ***Roman Carpenter, one of the late Lamar greats Sammy Carpenter’s four boys, has another birthday March 19. ***Hannah Walles, a member of the Orangefield Walles clan, celebrates her 18th birthday March 19. Her older brother, Ben celebrates the next day on the 20th. ***Dr. Zoch, married to pretty Marla, has a birthday this week. I wonder if she has something special in store for him. *****Rumor has it bailiff Danny Hodges is leaving the County to be a part of the Bridge City Police Department. *****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK: To easily remove burnt on food from you skillet, simply add a drop or two of dish soap and enough water to cover bottom of pan. Bring to a boil on stovetop. *****CAJUN DEFINATION: File (fee-lay), ground Sassafras leaves used to season gumbo and other dishes. In Louisiana leaves are gathered in October by spreading white sheets on the ground. It is said that the leaves come from female trees that have white roots. The male has red roots, which root beer and sarsaparilla, etc. is made from. ***** In an effort to reduce AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, Brazil’s Health Ministry distributed 493 million condoms last year, 2.5 for every person in Latin America’s largest nation. That’s a Catholic country isn’t it? *****The Texas Medicaid Women’s Health Program is due to end March 31. The results of the state’s decision to exclude clinics affiliated with abortion providers and some that aren’t. The health program is for low-income women. The state decision effectively bans Planned Parenthood from participating. It’s President Melaney Linton said, “When it comes to women’s health, Gov. Rick Perry consistently chooses politics over women.”


A big surprise last week was Pat Robertson, evangelical leader, former presidential candidate and voice of the Right Wing, endorsing legalizing marijuana. Robertson said, “I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol.” He continued, “This war on drugs just hasn’t succeeded. I believe in working with hearts of people and not locking them up.” Colorado and Washington states will vote on the legalization in the fall. The group “Law Enforcement Against Prohibition” supports legalization. Neil Franklin executive director said they oppose the drug war as written. On a personal note, over the years my feelings have changed. I’m convinced the war against marijuana hasn’t worked and maybe the time has come to legalize it. It serves three purposes, it helps law enforcement, puts the pot dealer out of business and frees up jail cells. I know it’s controversial but now I can see where a few years ago, 35 years in prison for a matchbook full of grass, was wrong. Maybe it’s time to look at greater dangers.


On March 14, Michael Caine will be 79; Billy Crystal, 65; Chris Klein, 33 and Taylor Hanson, 29. ***Eva Longoria will be 37 on March 15; Fabio, 53 and Will I Am, 37. ***Flavor Flay will be 53 March 16 and Dane Cook, 40. ***Kurt Russell will be 61 on March 17; Rob Lowe, 48; Gary Sinise, 57 and Mia Hamm, 40. ***Venessa Williams will be 49 on March 18 and Queen Latifah, 42. ***Bruce Willis will be 57 on March 19; Kevin Smith, 49 and Glenn Close, 65. ***Spike Lee will be 55 on March 20; William Hurt, 62; Holly Hunter, 54 and Pat Riley, 49.


Joe Robicheaux was having some bad luck and a hard time him. His wife, Eula Mae, suggest that maybe he should turn to God and go to church.
He said, “I’ll try dat me.”
He went to Brother Gaspard’s church. The Rev. Gaspard him, preach a fire and brim stone sermon. Den he axe, “Anybody dat got a problem to come to da front.”
Joe him, he do dat.
Brother Gaspard axe, “What’s you problem?”
Joe say, “It’s my hearing.”
The Reverend put one hand on Joe’s head and his finger in Joe’s ear. He preach and axe the Lord to drive da devil out. Da congregation joined in da worship. After a few minutes Rev. Gaspard remove his hand from Joe’s head and took his finger out of his ear. Den he axe Joe, “How’s your hearing?”
Joe anser, “I don’t know me, it’s not until next week at da courthouse.”


Rush Limbaugh is getting his wings clipped. Over 100 advertisers have pulled out of his radio program. Media executives have advised affiliates not to carry national advertising for two weeks. Media buyers are looking at putting their products on the Mike Huckabee Show, a new show starting April 2, in the same time spot. The American Heart Association has refused free commercials on the Limbaugh show. I look for Sean Hannity to be the next commentator to start getting heat. He can’t seem to fairly tell the truth. You can miss his radio and FOX News show for three months and tune in to where he left off earlier. That guy is a Limbaugh want to be but just not smart enough. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch met at Novrozsky’s where Judge Carl Thibodeaux entertained the lady folks. This week the Bunch dines at Robert’s. Everyone is always welcome. *****My time is up. Thanks for yours. Please read us cover to cover or check us out on the web at Take care and God bless.