The Lutcher Theater will bring its 2011-12 season to a close with “soul” as The All New Original Tribute to the Blues Brothers takes the stage on Wednesday, March 21, at 7:30 p.m. In the spirit of Jake and Elwood, and the “soul” they inspire, the Lutcher embarks upon a “mission,” sponsoring a mobile giving campaign to supply “sole” to those in need of shoes. Before the show begins, Lutcher Theater Managing Director, Jim Clark will invite patrons to “Be a Sole Man” (or woman) by donating $5 to Sole4Souls, a non-profit organization dedicated to supplying shoes to those in need.

This season, Lutcher patrons have rocked in tribute to the Beatles, “put on the Ritz” with Young Frankenstein’s monster, stomped in the swamp with SHREK, marched with the troops in the South Pacific, and hip-hopped with residents of the Heights. They tapped their toes to Mannheim Steamroller, twirled with Fiddler tradition and can-canned at the Moulin Rouge. They could have danced all night with one Fair Lady, “shook their booties” with the Blue Men and took a thoughtful, reflective walk with Doubt. Now, in preparation for the season’s closing celebration, the Lutcher offers an opportunity to “give back” in appreciation for all the happy steps Lutcher feet have taken this season.

Before the opening curtain of The All New Original Tribute to the Blues Brothers, Lutcher patrons will have the opportunity to text the word “Shoes” on their cell phones to a predetermined number thereby donating collectively to Soles4Souls. The proceeds will help supply shoes for recent tornado victims.

Soles4Souls founder, Wayne Elsey, began thoughts about giving back in 2004 when the Asian tsunami hit. He was currently the President of Kodiak Boot in the U.S. and had a lot of good friends in the shoe industry. He was watching television when these storms hit and saw a single pair of shoes float ashore and thought, wow – they don’t even have the simplicity of shoes right now. That’s when he got together everyone in the shoe industry and thought he would be able to do something. This resulted in sending 250,000 pairs of shoes overseas to tsunami victims!

He said “good job” and went back to work. Then, Hurricane Katrina hit and he thought, “this is in our own backyard – surely we can respond the same.” And they did, in a larger way, with over 1,000,000 pairs sent down to Katrina victims!

That’s when he decided that shoes aren’t just needed during natural disasters, but rather in “disasters” that happen in everyday life. This is when he decided to partner with current Soles4Souls board member, Paul Wilson and create Soles4Souls.

In October 2006, Soles4Souls received its 501(c)(3) status and has been growing ever since. In March 2012, Soles4Souls reached a new pinnacle having distributed over 17 million pairs of shoes benefitting 129 countries. With headquarters based in Nashville, TN Soles4Souls distributes both domestically and internationally from ten warehouses across the US. Thousands of shoe drop off locations exist throughout America.

Area residents will want to buff up their dancing shoes and make preparations to attend The All New Original Tribute to the Blues Brothers which quickly became a runaway success following its modest premiere in a small seaside pub in Brighton in 1991.The run was extended from six to an unprecedented 46 weeks, playing to more than 150,000 people.

Jake and Elwood Blues will once again be donning their iconic hats, sunglasses and suits to bring to life a host of the duo’s most memorable hits, including “Shake A Tail Feather,” “Think,” “Respect,” “Gimme Some Loving” and the toe-tapping classic “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love!” This brand new reworking of the celebrated show is directed by Brad Henshaw; an established name on the international music stage who will also star in the show as Jake. The hit West End show is being upgraded for Jake and Elwood’s return to Chicago with a brand new set, updated choreography and new songs.

To purchase tickets to The All New Original Tribute to the Blues Brothers, visit or call the Lutcher Theater box office at 409-886-5535. Tickets range from $20-$50.

This show is sponsored locally by Total and by Mike and Karen Fuljenz. The Lutcher Theater for the Performing Arts is located at 707 Main, Orange, TX 77630.

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