International Children’s Art Network Corporation was founded by Ricky C. Buxton of Orange and Cher Ferroggiaro of San Francisco, Calif. after producing and sponsoring celebrity charity events in Hollywood, Calif.

Now International Children’s Art Network Corporation will launch a party, “Celebrate the Children Gala with Virgil Gibson,” at 7 p.m. on April 21, 2012 in at the VFW on 16th Street in Orange with a live concert featuring Virgil Gibson, lead singer of The Platters.

Gibson offered his talents when Buxton asked him to help launch the nonprofit organization in Orange. The live concert will introduce local music talent from area schools.

These performers will open for Gibson. A VIP reception held in the home of Buxton and Ferroggiaro, will follow the concert.

The nonprofit corporation will seek to raise funds for musical instruments, art supplies, dance lesson and music lessons among other tools and materials necessary for beneficiaries to pursue their talent.

In addition to the concert, the organization is producing Zombie Voodoo Fest. The event features include a battle of the bands, beauty, dance and film contests.

The most popular event is the zombie tag/run where the “living” compete against zombies to cross a finish line without being tagged by a zombie. Zombies compete to tag as many individuals as possible before reaching the finish line.

Proceeds from these events raise funds for International Children’s Art Network.

Other current plans are to purchase a property in the Golden Triangle area to provide educational instruction, art and entertainment productions, including a full production studio for internet broadcasting, film and digital television production.

The facility will host live theater, dance and music productions. The founder’s close ties to the arts and entertainment industry already has commitments from television, fashion, film, music and dance celebrities whom will proffer workshop appearances and topic to encourage children to pursue their creativity and develop skills necessary to propel them into career choice within the industry.

Buxton moved to San Francisco in 2005 after creating an online magazine dedicated to marketing and promoting up and coming creative and talented individuals. Eventually the online magazine became an arts and entertainment production with charities benefiting from funds raised during the productions.

In March 2006, the company began producing and promoting fine art receptions, fashion designer events and album release parties for musicians in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In 2007, Buxton and his online magazine team were invited to attend red carpet events with a primary focus on regional and national charitable organizations.

The first event attended benefited the Ronald McDonald House with Chelsea Handler and Johanna Krupa, hosting the Christmas benefit in Hollywood. Buxton already established art and entertainment industry connections by June of 2006, the red carpet events allowed him to meet with entertainment industry professionals and talent to discuss future plans for the magazine while benefiting charitable organizations.

In September 2008, the magazine was asked to sponsor an Emmy Awards weekend celebrity gifting suite held at Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. Proceeds benefited children’s charities in the Los Angeles area.

Prior to the Emmy event, Ferroggiaro and Buxton sealed their friendship by getting married. During their long-standing friendship they shared the hope to one day benefit impoverished children whose creative aspirations could not be met without proper funds, materials or tools.

Now married, their desire to benefit others was fueled by planning and organizing events as partners.

The two purchased a top level sponsorship for a celebrity gifting suite held in a private Beverly Hills mansion benefiting “Feed the Children” in September 2009.

The event honored and celebrated Emmy nominees the weekend of the awards ceremony. Over 72 celebrities; including Randy Jackson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Morgan Fairchild, Sugar Ray Leonard among others attended the two-day luxury event. Portions of sponsorship fees raised funds for Feed the Children.

Buxton and Ferroggiaro produced their first celebrity charity event in Los Angeles on Sept. 11, 2010. Over 120 television stars, film actors, sports figures and musicians were invited to help raise funds for Shining Star Kids of America.

Gibson of The Platters headlined the event. AARP marketing online issued an article regarding the event.

Buxton and Ferroggiaro said they have together witnessed so many creative and talented children during their travels, event attendances and individual online magazine submission whose dreams and aspirations are not realized due to impoverished conditions and situations within their families or living arrangements.

Their desire was to create an organization dedicated to assisting impoverished, creative and talented individuals reach their full potential while building self-confidence an self-esteem.

Although the couple believes in supporting numerous children’s charities, they believe when a child or young person is proffered the opportunity to develop their skills and talent, they will become productive citizens and contributors to the common good of society, while benefiting not only themselves, but others as well.

For more information or learning how an individual or group can become involved, call 409-454-4120 or e-mail