A woman was taken into custody Monday evening after police were dispatched to the Flying J Truck Stop in the 7100 block of IH-10.

Officer Jeffery Busby arrived at the disturbance call at about 7:00 pm, and met with a store employee. The employee advised officer Busby that the woman was standing in front of the store.

At this time, officer Busby made contact with the woman, who was identified as 41 year old Melinda Hillier, and detected the strong odor of alcohol emitting from the woman’s breath and person.

Hillier was observed to have red, glassy eyes, and to have a poor physical demeanor with poor balance, leaning on objects to maintain her balance.

While officer Busby was speaking with Hillier, she became very angry and belligerent, and began to yell curse words. Hillier was given verbal commands to calm down, and she refused. At this time, police believed Hillier to be intoxicated and she was taken into custody for public intoxication.