Well, we have sprung into spring. We predicted last summer that it was going to be a mild winter but it was milder around the country than we expected. Many ski slopes didn’t get any snow; even Boston and Minnesota hit 80 degrees. Time keeps flying by, it seems Christmas was just a few weeks ago and already it’s coming on Easter. Ms. Pearlhas published a poem this week titled “Time.” At age 91, she has seen a lot of time come and go. Read it, you’ll enjoy it. There was an awful tragedy at the Jefferson County Court House this past week where a lovely lady, 79 year old Minnie Sebolt, of Deweyville, was shot multiple times and killed. She was an innocent bystander doing a friend a favor. Condolences to her family and friends. May this good lady rest in peace. *****I have to move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Mitt Romney has yet to close the deal with Republican voters. However, sitting here six hours before the polls close in Illinois, I believe he will carry the state over Rick Santorum. More importantly, he will get the majority of the delegates. In the end, by hook and crook, Romney will make deals that give him about 300 state delegates plus Utah is the last state to vote so he’ll reach the 1,144 delegates needed. For all practical purposes it’s down to a two-way race. Newt is broke and Ron Paul’s star is falling. Romney can outspend Rick five to one so he’ll end up buying the nomination but will be a very weak candidate. All the time and money spent in Illinois won’t matter come November. President Obama will carry the state by at least 60 percent. If Romney is forced into having to endorse the Paul Ryan budget, out this week, the odds go up that he can’t get elected carrying that baggage. Ryan’s budget includes tax cuts for the wealthy, major changes in Medicare, a safety net for the elderly and vouchers for Social Security, just to mention a few changes that won’t sell in swing states. If Romney moves that far to the right to get the GOP nomination it will be hard to move back to the center by November. Santorum should carry Louisiana Saturday, however, lately he’s been stumbling and coming off as being radical. My guess is that April 24is when Romney should turn out the lights and end the party. If he doesn’t, he’ll be so damaged that Obama will win in a landslide.


The Department of Health and Human Services announced Monday that The Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obama Care, has saved four million seniors about $2.16 billion through discounts for their prescription medications in 2011 and $92.7 million in the first two months of 2012. Discounts close the “doughnut hole” before many beneficiaries were forced to stop taking their medications. Three of the drugs on the top 10 list of savings for seniors were for mental health conditions. All the medications on the list, except for cancer drugs, were for maintenance of chronic disease. Medications for which Medicare Part D saved the most for seniors in 2011 discounts are: blood sugar, cholesterol, asthma, blood-clotting, blood pressure, anti-dementia, psychiatric, anti-depressions, ulcer, etc. It was surprising to me that cancer came in tenth. The discount part is a very popular part of Obama Care. It targets those who most need it.


10 Years Ago-2002

Run off races in Orange County. Commissioner Sue Bearden led the primary and is now pitted against Owen Burton. C.J. Huckaby, who missed the runoff, encouraged his supporters to vote for Burton, who he sited is a strong conservative. (Editor’s note: Burton won the run off in a well-run campaign. *****A run off will also be held between Pct. 2 JP candidate Helton Dawl Cooper and Roy Derry Dunn. Ed Barton, with 671 votes, ran a strong third. (Editor’s note: Derry Dunn, won the runoff.)***** In the Pct. 4 race to replace commissioner Billy Harland, Percy Flanagan and Beamon Minton are in a runoff. (Editor’s note: Minton won but was defeated eight years later in the Democratic Primary by Flanagan, who lost to Judy Crump, a Republican Tea Party member. *****Others elected against opponents were County Judge Carl Thibodeaux over Pete Runnels. Winning the state representative race, to replace Ron Lewis, was Mike Hamilton who won over Paul Clayton. County Clerk Karen Jo Vance won over Evelyn Vaughn. In the race to replace J.P. Flo Edgerly, Janice Menardwon over Jimmy Scales. *****Last week in Houston Andrea Yates was convicted of capital murder in the drowning death of her five children. Her statement after the verdict was read was, “I regret that this illness brought me to a place where I was capable of killing my own children. NOAH, he was my firstborn. He was so inquisitive; his favorite thing to do was hatching Monarch butterflies. JOHN, with his cute grin, he loved to do crafts and was very enthusiastic. Precious PAUL, nurturing and loving, he sought to please us and be special to his brothers. Beautiful LUKE, trying to keep up with his brothers, he also was nurturing, especially to his baby sister. Beautiful MARY, such a loving baby, with the big, blue eyes. I thank God I was blessed with such a precious family.” Andrea could have received death however the jury gave her life with 40 years minimum. (Editor’s note: Yeates was found not guilty by reason of insanity at a 2006 retrial. She has been confined in a mental hospital and is up for review in November. *****Judge Grover Halliburton missed the Wednesday Lunch Bunch dinner. He was in the hospital. Cal Broussard’s guest were his youngest son and young daughter. Pete Runnels brought his son Lance. *****Amber Dunn is in town for spring break at the University of Texas. The first thing she wanted was boiled crawfish and barbecued crabs. She ate her fill at Van Choate’s Cajun Cookery. (Editor’s note: Amber is now an MD and works at Cleveland University Hospital in Ohio. The times she gets to come home usually aren’t crawfish season. She misses that good Cajun eating.)

35 Years Ago-1977

Corky Harmon turned 49 years old on March 18. His brother Jackie celebrated on March 13. ***** A rare, great horned, baby owl was discovered to be the culprit keeping Betty and Corky Harmon awake at night. The Game Warden took it to Sue Bailey’s until it can fly. *****Lou Garriga is promoted to supervisor at Gulf Chemical. *****Bridge City High seniors chose their class superlatives. Kim Danielsand Andy Morgan, “Most Beautiful and Most Handsome,” Liz Venable and Jim Shaw, “Most Likely to Succeed,” Cindy Adams and Craig Morgan, “Best All Around.”*****Former Orange Countian Lewis Lemoine, who lives in the New Orleans area, is moving back to Bridge City where he and wife, Mildred Gauthier Lemoine, have purchased a home. She is the sister of Charles and Janice Menard. The Lemoine’s have five children, Judy, Jada, Jana, Jude and June. I guess you could call them the five J’s. *****Roy Dunn now thinks he is a television star. He was in his heart doctor, Dr. George’s, office, when a television crew came to film Roy’s procedure. *****Billy Carter, son of Ms. Lillian and brother of President Jimmy Carter, is the world’s most famous service station operator. Tourists from all over the world visit his station in Plains, Georgia. (Editor’s note: He also later had a beer named for him called “Billy Beer.”


Ester Brown, Barbara Mosier, Pam Nugent, Terry McFarlane, Ronelle Irvine, Kyle Anderson, Otto Whisenant, Ramona Huff, Harold Scales, Ruth Mason, Stephen McKenzie, Tanya Simon, Lisa Roberts, Shirley Musser, Waunice McReynolds, Robert Thomas, Kyle Leyendecker, Wanda Taylor, Carroll Kile, Carsen Carpenter, Euel Norwood, Mary West, Kenneth Kemp, Lance Eads, Corbin McLellan, Kurt Haggard, Chad Gearhart, Margaret Boehme, Margery Sargent, Natalie Sarvar, Renee Dillon, Tiffany Smith, Helen Clark, Cambree Williams, Grady Rawls, Forrest Wood, Hannah Drane, James Stone, Joseph Blanda, Matt Hanson, Louise Wood, Mary Ann Smith, Zara Killman, Bobby Rash, Brenda Edwards, Grant Kimbrough, Katie Birdwell, Mary Grimes, Matt Thompson, Scott Mangham, Warren Claybar, B.J. Walker, Mike Vincent, Karen Bozman, Mary Glazner, Joe Alford, Margie Fields, Marjorie Fields, Sherry Stevens, Billy LeLeux, Christy Day, Lou Hillard, “Bugs” Crewe, Nancy Crew, Jordan Harper, Ruth Platt, Sarah Coffey, Dale Forse and Jane Scherer.


Oprah’s OWN network is pulling the plug on the Rosie Show. Rosie O’Donnell has been on the network five months and has gone from 500,000 watchers to half that. Her final show is March 30. *****If you have played basketball, even just a very little, you have to admire and in many cases be amazed at what those college kids can do on the basketball court. I’ve had the opportunity to watch a few of the Men’s Division I basketball championship games. Awesome playing even from the losers. The big question is who will beat Kentucky? You can make a bunch of dough if you know. *****Speaking of sports, the UL Ragin’ Cajuns baseball team playing against Southern led 6-5 in the eighth inning, with Southern having the bases loaded with two outs. The Cajuns called on former Bridge City star Matt Hicks, who struck out Brian Rowry to win the game. Matt has primarily been playing the closer roll. Daniel Kelloge, also a former Bridge City pitcher, has been pitching relief. I wouldn’t think Matt, a good hitter and one of the best infielders ever at Bridge City, is happy with his role. He’s very competitive and not getting to play is not what will make Matt a happy camper. He has too much to offer. *****Peggy and Richard are adding on to their restaurant, “Peggy’s on the Bayou.” A large room will be built to accommodate parties and overflow. I stopped over the other evening and brought home some of Peggy’s famous seafood gumbo and had a great supper. *****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK: Cure for headaches. Take a lime, cut it in half and rub it on your forehead. The throbbing will go away. *****CAJUN DEFINITION: Joie de Vivre (Zhwa-a-veev) is an attitude towards life. *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day. Johnny Dishon arrived on March 21. I don’t know what the latest is about Johnny but we wish him a happy birthday. ***We run into Harold Scales from time to time and he seems to be doing all right. Best wishes for a great day on March 21. ***Euel Norwood, a friend of many years back yonder when we were young, celebrates on March 23. ***Talented Natalie Sarvar celebrates March 23. ***Coach Joe Blanda marks another birthday on March 24, as does Grant Kimbrough. ***Warren Claybar, the last guy to let you down, celebrates his birthday March 25. ***One of the good guys, attorney Joe Alford, is catching up with many of his old friends. Happy birthday on March 26. ***March 26, Billy “The Postman” Leleux celebrates his special day. I’m sure Penny and Gerald will see that he has a good one.***Happy birthday to “Bugs” Crewe on March 27. He’s married to pretty Debbie, who owns and runs Debbie’s Gold Gem in Bridge City. Please see complete list. *****Two motorcyclists are hit and killed over the weekend in two separate accidents. Way too many cyclists over the past year have lost their lives. Often it’s not their fault but death is death. It seems more and more like a dangerous way to travel. *****We heard from Skipper Free. She had been in Austin but had made her way to San Marcus where she ran into Donnie Thomas, a West Orange native from Dayton St. She was headed to Houston to visit Nan Gibbson, who has undergone knee surgery and is in hospital. *****We hear a lot lately about Super Pacs that were allowed by the Supreme Court. An individual is allowed to give as much money as his wallet can afford. I don’t see it as a good thing. It gives too much influence to one person. I predict it will lead to fraud. One quarter of all Super Pac dough is from five donors, Harold Simmons, the Swift Boat guy, is the largest donor. He has given $12 million to “American Cross Roads,” a Karl Rove Super Pac, and $14.2 million in all. Romney Pac received $2.2 million. Sheldon and Miriam Adelson gave Gingrich Super Pac $10 million. Bob Perry gave $3.6 million to Karl Rove, Romney and Perry Pacs. Peter Thiel gave $2.6 million to Ron Paul Pac.*****Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich checked into the Federal prison in Englewood, Colo. last week to begin serving a 14 year sentence for corruption. The facility is home to other high profile inmates, including former CEO of Enron, Shilling, who is serving 24 years for fraud and other crimes. *****I’m still betting on our West Lake Louisiana boy Joshua Ledet to be in American Idols final three. The girls seem to lead the boys in sheer vocal ability. Joshua is the only guy in the same vocal league with the top four girls. However since 2003, no black male has finished higher than fourth. I believe the Cajun boy might be the first. *****Dancing with the Stars on ABC and the Voice on NBC went head to head at 7 p.m. Monday night. *****An Andy Warhol portrait of Elvis Presley, depicted as a cowboy, is being auctioned in New York and is expected to sell for between $30 million to $50 million at Sotheby’s on May 9. *****The watermelon-smashing comedian Leo Anthony Gailager is awake and back to cracking jokes after doctors removed him from a medically induced coma. The 65 years old suffered a heart attack last week. He will remain in Dallas hospital for now. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dined at Robert’s Restaurant last week. Judge Rodney Price, J.P. came in from Vidor to break bread. Municipal judge Mike Abbott was accompanied by his wife Jessie, who works for attorney Jerry Pennington. By the way, we understand our lifelong friend Barbara Mulhollan is still working for Pennington. Also attending was Rev. Leo Anderson’s eldest son, Anthony, who dropped by for lunch. He has taken over his late dad’s church and is looking forward to being its minister. Rev. Anthony has been preaching in Houston. He also will continue the Sunday morning radio program at 7:30 a.m. on KOGT. We hear the young man is a very good preacher. Services are held at 2 p.m. on Sunday and Tuesday evenings. Attending also were Babette and constable Mark Philpott and Marlene and Sheriff Keith Merritt. Both were celebrating not having opponents. The Lunch Bunch will gather at Novrozsky’s this Wednesday. Everyone always welcome. *****This month, ten years ago, Delta Downs opened their casino with 1500 slots. They gave away a car a day for the entire month of March. They also featured their triple-crown buffet, which is still very popular today. Since then, they have added a first class hotel. Hundreds of Orange Countains have worked at the facilities.


Gary Oldman will be 54, March 21; Rosie O’Donnell, 50; Kevin Federline, 34 and Matthew Broderick, 50.***William Shatner will be 81 on March 22; James Patterson, 65; Reese Witherspoon, 36 and Keira Knightley, 27.***Chaka Khan will be 59 on March 23; Jason Kidd, 39 and Keri Russell, 36.***Tommy Hilfiger will be 61 on March 24; Star Jones, 50 and Undertaker, 50.***Aretha Franklin will be 70 on March 25; Elton John, 65, Jamie Kennedy, 42 and Sarah Jessica Parker, 47.***B McPhee will be 28 on March 25; Danica Patrick, 30 and Amy Smart, 36.***Kenny Chesney will be 44 on March 26; Diana Ross, 68; Steven Tyler, 64 and Martin Short, 62.***Mariah Carey will be 42 on March 27; Elizabeth Mitchell, 42 and StacyFergieFerguson, 37.


“Tee Ned” Breaux and Otis Comeaux were drinking dem some beers at Tee-Boy’s Bar and Grill. After knocking out a few, dey start arguing bout politics. Otis accuse Tee Ned of not knowing wat he’s talking bout him.

Tee Ned say, “Well, if you so smart you, tell me dis, a horse him, a cow and a deer dey all eat da same ting, grass right?”

Otis say, “Dats right, dey eat grass dem.”

Tee Ned say, “Well, okay, why does a deer pass some little pellets, da cow produces a flat patty and da horse him, he leaves some big clumps. Why is dat, hanh?”

Otis tink bout dat and he finally say, “I don’t got no idea me.”

Tee Nedsay, “Den you da one dats not qualified to discuss nutten bout da economy and global warming when you don’t know crap.”


For football fans, the news heard around the country is that quarterback Peyton Manning, who was thrown off the Colts, has decided to ride a different horse, a Bronco, in Denver. If he rides out five years he will earn $95 million. Meanwhile, Tim Tebow, who brought excitement to Denver, will be given his walking papers. I don’t believe John Elway, Denver vice-president, ever like him anyway. He’s a natural athlete and will land on his feet. The Patriots are even talking about him becoming a running back. *****As for us here at home, we’ll dry out in time for the big Art in the Park festival Saturday. It’s a great time to purchase some good local art. The Greater Orange Area Chamber celebrated its 125th anniversary Tuesday evening at the Brown Center. Looking over the names of past chairmen, going back to 1932 is a study of the life I’ve traveled and the many fine folks I’ve known. So many are gone but they left their mark here at home. Dear hearts and gentle people of our hometown. Congrats to the Chamber for keeping the light burning and the fire of service still blazing. . *****My time is up. Thanks for yours. Please read us cover to cover or check us out on the web at therecordlive.com. Take care and God bless.