According to a press release from Capt. W.K. Longlois, with the Orange Police Dept., earlier this morning there were several roadways in Orange County that were impassable, or traffic was slow moving.

Capt. Longlis said that “while these were certainly unofficial rain totals, citizens had reported rain amounts from nine inches in town, to 12 inches in the Little Cypress community”. He went on to say that there are homes that flooded overnight, but he didn’t have an accurate count of those.

Capt. Longlois sent this report on the following road closures as of 3:00 am today:

FM 1130 Basset, near the Little Cypress Junior High School is closed. The water is waist deep.

The Adams Bayou Turn Around in closed due to high water.

Bear Path Drive at Little Cypress High School has water flowing across the road. The road way may be passable, however, the ditches on either side of the road will be as much as twelve feet deep.

FM 3247 at IH-10, near Community Christian School has water across the road in the construction area.

Hwy. 87 S. at the Masonic Drive Over Pass, has water over the road on the south side of the bridge. It is passable by one lane in each direction.

Tulane from Old Timers to the rail road tracks is under water.

FM 1006 at East Roundbunch and Firestone has water on the outside lanes of the road. It will pass one lane each way on the inside lanes.

Simmons Drive is closed at Turret with flowing water across the road. (This one may open before day light. )

Navy Street near Signal International is deeply flooded. Car left there over night has water to the doors.

Hwy. 62 and IH-10 in front of Flying J is deep. It has receded to where it is passable now, but will be slow going.

Allie Payne Road between Meeks Drive and Hwy. 87 is flooded.

Silver Oaks and Thousand Oaks Subdivision is flooded

Many roads were flooded over night, and the water has since receded leaving debris on the roadway.