County Judge Carl Thibodeux said when he ran for re-election in 2010, he was the first sitting judge that didn’t face an opponent in either the primary or the general election in 50 years. Now incumbent sheriff, Keith Merritt, can say the same thing.

Sheriff C.A. Hollts was the last sitting sheriff to run unopposed in 1960, according to records from the Orange County Election Office. Merritt said an “old-timer” told him the same thing but he didn’t verify it yet.

“I’m flattered and pleased (on running unopposed),” Merritt said.

Thibodeaux said Merritt is doing a great job in the sheriff’s department.

Merritt added he didn’t know why the Orange County Republican Party wasn’t running an opponent against him.

“I have friends in both parties and there hasn’t been anyone. I guess their pleased with our performance,” he said. “As sheriff, I do things based on the law and not politics.”

Merritt was Precinct 1 Constable for several years before he beat incumbent Mike White for sheriff in 2008.

“The citizens must think we’re doing a good job though we want to be better. My employees play a big part. We’re working together as a team,” Merritt said.