Thursday, March 22, at 8:45 am, Officer Byrun Perry was dispatched to General Wok, in the 1800 block of 16th St. Officer Perry met with the business owner, Jerry Voang upon arrival at the restaurant.

Voang advised that he was traveling down 16th St. about 7:30 am and observed a white object on the ground in front of the double doors of the restaurant, but he thought it was nothing out of the ordinary.

When Voang returned to the business, he observed the white object to be broken glass from the door. He entered and found nothing to be missing that he could initially see.

Voang stated he had last been in the restaurant at about 11:30 the night before and the doors had no damage. The time of the break-in was estimated to be between 11:30 pm Thursday and 7:30 am Friday.

There were also pry marks on the rear entry doors, but no objects used to break in were found.

Voang stated that he didn’t know of a suspect, but would press charges if one was found.