Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between March 22, and the morning of March 23:

Public service, other, 2312 Pacific

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 2300 Allie Payne

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 1040 Hwy. 87

Burglary, forced entry, non-residence, 1803 N. 16th

Theft, other, 2240 Tall Oaks

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 1102 N. 16th

Simple assault, 201 8th

Stolen property, other, 2241 Crosslane

Department activity, other, 205 Border

Theft, other, 1600 16th

Process service, warrant, 201 8th

Traffic accident, hit/run, private property damage, 3 Strickland Dr.

Miscellaneous incidents, 410 Bridal Wreath

Aggravated assault, non-family, firearm, 1210 Burton

Traffic accident, hit/run, vehicle damage, Cordrey at 14th

Public intoxication, 1555 16th