Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between March 23, 24, 25, and the morning of March 26:

Process service, warrant, 9th and Green

Process service, warrant, 205 Border

Controlled substance, cocaine, other, 1300 block 5th

Controlled substance, cocaine, other, 1400 block Hart

Traffic accident, injury, 8989 FM 1130

Burglary, unlawful entry, residence, 1309 4th

Burglary, unlawful entry, residence, 1308 5th

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 16 th and IH-10

Public intoxication, 111 Pine

Public intoxication, 10th and Park

Process service, warrant, Rebeck Crossing

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, Hwy. 62 and IH-10

Aggravated assault, family, strong-arm, 2409 8th

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, Edgar Brown and Strickland

Unattended death, 4407 N. 27th

Damaged property, business, 3330 Bowling Ln.

Traffic accident, private property damage, 3709 16th

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 1218 Palm

Process service, warrant, Pacific and Sunset

Aggravated assault, non-family, weapon, 3rd and Park

Process service, warrant, Azalea and Circle E.

Damaged property, other, 2600 Allie Payne

Controlled substance, barbiturate possession, 2 nd and Curtis

Process service, warrant, 1701 Louisiana

Public service, assist public, 1600 16th

Public service, other, 4406 Rue Des Fluor

Assault, family violence, 201 8th/111 Pine

Traffic accident, hit/run, injury. 111 Dewey/2100 Simmons

Public service, assist public, Storage Depot

Damaged property, other, 1708 IH-10

Traffic accident, hit/run, vehicle damage, 16th and Link

Controlled substance, marijuana, sell, 201 8th

Traffic accident, private property damage, 2500 N. 19th St.

Process service, warrant, 310 N. 37th

Public intoxication, 4705 Barrett

Sexual assault, other, International

Assault, Class A, family violence, 5700 Velma Jeter