A 64 year old Orange man was struck by a car as he sat in the roadway in a wheelchair.

According to the 54 year old driver of the vehicle, who is also an Orange resident, he was traveling west on Sunset Dr., and did not see the pedestrian. The roadway is not illuminated, and no reflective equipment was located on the damaged wheelchair, or the pedestrian’s clothing.

Officer Patrick McDonald, who drove up on the scene of the accident, found the pedestrian lying in the roadway with critical injuries. Due to the debris pattern at the scene, it is believed by investigating officers that the pedestrian was in the roadway when he was struck.

First responders from the Orange Fire Dept., and Acadian Ambulance service arrived on the scene and began treating the pedestrian, but due to his injuries, he was transported by Southeast Texas Air Rescue to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Beaumont.

The driver of the vehicle showed no signs of intoxication, and he gave a voluntary blood draw to officers.

At this time, no charges have been filed on the pedestrian or the driver of the vehicle.