Two residents who live on Buffalo Street in West Orange asked for their city council’s help with some drainage issues when the council met for their regular meeting Monday night.

Both said they almost received water inside their homes from last week’s torrential rains. One man said he called the Orange County Drainage District three times since Tuesday’s rains, but he has only managed to speak with the secretary.

The residents said the ditches functioned best when the drainage district began mowing them 20 years ago. They added, however, the drainage district stopped doing so three years ago for some reason.

One man said he’s been fighting flooding in his neighborhood for 54 years and he has sandbagged his home before.

Though it’s not a city problem, the residents hope the council can talk to the drainage district board of directors on their behalf.

Mayor Roy McDonald said he would pass the information on to Mike Stelly, public works director, who can pass it on to the Orange County Drainage District.

“I know they’re busy and I’m not knocking them. I got to know them when I worked at the (Orange County) Appraisal District (which is nearby the drainage district office). We had a heck of a rain,” the resident said.

The council passed an ordinance denying the rate increase request of Entergy Texas, filed on Nov. 28, 2011.

A copy of the ordinance read Entergy failed to justify increasing the rates previously determined to be reasonable and necessary by the city and other Texas regulatory authorities.

The council passed, too, a resolution in support of legislation that would extend the authorized term indefinitely for the collection of municipal sales and use taxes for street maintenance.

McDonald said this is the city’s one-quarter cent sales tax that is renewed every four years.
The resolution read it would be beneficial for small cities, such as West Orange, for Chapter 37 of the Texas Tax Code be amended by the Legislature an indefinite term for the continuation of such municipal sales and use tax for street maintenance.
Lastly, Demetrius Hunter and Duel Lummus’ applications to the West Orange Volunteer Fire Department were approved.

McDonald said the fire department needs personnel.