PFC Tremont, Patrick A USMC, graduated boot camp from MCRD San Diego on Nov. 4, 2011. He proudly enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as an infantryman and envisioned himself being acceded to the Military Occupational Specialty of Machine Gunner.

On Feb. 22, only days after the anniversary of the Marine Corps invasion of Iwo Jima, a battle in which Patrick’s Great Grandfather, Paul Benson, fought and survived. Patrick graduates his Infantry training as a Machine Gunner.

PFC Tremont is now attached to the First Marine Division, First Battalion, Charlie Company, stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. The 1st. Marie Division was activated aboard the battleship Texas on Feb. 1, 1941. It is the oldest, largest, and most decorated division in the United States Marine Corps. Oddly enough, Patrick has not only visited, but has slept aboard the Battleship Texas.

Some things are just destined! Simper Fi!