Marriage licenses issued by the office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk for the week March 17-23, 2012:

Rondy C. Kindle and Starsha A. Watts

William C. Biscamp and Kayla D. Zinn

Donald L. Gibbens and Laci M. Mims

Richard L. McKinney and Laura Ridley

William R. Gilmore and Lois M. Harrison-McNeese

Mark D. Bonneaux and Lauren R. Parker

Travis R. Marks and Brittany G. Stone

Jason S. Ashmore and Dana R. Bean

Joseph L. Conkle and Sara J. Roberts

Jared M. Briggs and Sarah M. Arceneaux

Jeremy P Hipsley and Kendra B Guller

Darrell L Shute and Jerri A Richardson

Dustin L Bacon and Teri L Haney