Mayor T.W. Permenter takes pride in being the first Pinehurst citizen to sign up for the Blackboard Connect mass notification system recently implemented by the Pinehurst City Council.

The service is of no cost to the citizens as it was funded by a port security grant through the South East Texas Regional Planning Commission. City officials will use the service to send out alerts of an emergency or non-emergency nature pertaining to severe weather, water boil notices, evacuations, hazardous material spills, fire advisories, water main breaks, road closures and any number of other situations. It can even be used to notify people of outstanding warrants if necessary.

The messages can be sent to home phones, cell phones, email or social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Chief Fred R. Hanauer III has already sent out a voice recorded welcome message to all Pinehurst citizens with published phone number outlining the uses of the service. Hanauer stated, “The system will also augment our primary emergency services and existing communication channels to keep our citizens better informed.”

For those citizens wishing to receive future messages at a different phone or wish to add alternate phone, please visit the City of Pinehurst website at and click on the link that says “SIGN UP NOW – SERVICES by Blackboard Connect. They may also sign up for the Blackboard Connect service by completing a simple form and returning it to the City of Pinehurst city hall. The sign-up form is available at city hall or by email upon request. Citizens may also opt out of the service if they so choose.

For questions pertaining to Blackboard connect and its many uses please contact the Pinehurst Police Department at 886-2221.