An Orange city councilwoman, Annette Pernell, lost her home to a fire Thursday morning, according to Jerry Ziller, deputy chief of the Orange Fire Department.

Firefighters received the call at 10 a.m. for 1205 Cypress. The house was consumed by flames when crews arrived. No one was at home and there were no injuries reported.

Firefighters did a primary search of the premises before being forced to evacuate due to the roof beginning to collapse. Crews were on scene until 5 p.m. Eight on duty firefighters, four overtime firefighters and two supervisors responded to the fire. The Pinehurst Volunteer Fire Department and the Little Cypress Volunteer Fire Department were on stand-by.

The fire started in the back of the house.

Ziller said Pernell is holding up well under the circumstances.

He added firefighters have been talking about possible causes of the fire, but nothing concrete yet.

Pernell is receiving victim assistance and fire crews are helping her get valuable out of her home. Ziller said crews do this for everyone and not just for council members so no one will be injured.

The house was completely made of wood in the 1930s.

“The construction material is not good for firefighters because it’s made of wood and it burns intensely,” Ziller said.

For instance, firefighters can’t use their pipe poles to pull down the ceiling with attic fires because they are made of wood rather than sheetrock.