Two men were arrested Wednesday morning after they were involved in a burglary. Officer Corey Foreman, with the Orange Police Dept., was on patrol in the 7100 block of IH-10 when he heard a call from Orange County Sheriff’s Office that a burglary had just occurred on FM 1078.

The suspect was last seen driving south on Hwy. 62 in a small silver car with a spoiler. Officer Foreman observed a silver Honda with a spoiler on back parked at the gas pumps at Flying J Travel Plaza.

Officer Foreman circled the parking lot to get a better view of the driver, and when he circled back in front of the car, he observed a second man in the front passenger seat. Foreman then circled back around the parking lot to approach the vehicle from behind.

When Officer Foreman made his turn, the vehicle sped out of the parking lot and drove into the turn-around under IH-10 and pulled into the What-a-Burger parking lot, and parked the car. The two men then exited the car and ran into the building.

One of the men was seen running out of another entrance from the building, and Foreman met him on the outside corner of the building. The man verbally identified himself as 31 year old Stephen Fisher.

Fisher was detained until OCSO deputies arrived.

Officer Foreman asked Fisher if he had anything illegal on his person and Fisher responded that he didn’t have anything. Fisher was “pat” searched, then placed into the police car.

Inside the Honda, in plain sight, was a large television in the back seat. When OCSO deputies arrived, they advised that the home owner was missing a TV, lock box and a large amount of money from the residence.

Officer Foreman went back and searched Fisher again, and found a large sum of money in his pocket.

When the wrecker removed the vehicle from the parking lot, Officer Foreman observed an orange zippered pouch laying on the ground. Inside was a silver pistol with black grips. It was turned over to OCSO deputies.

At this time, investigations were turned over to OCSO, and both men were taken into custody and transported to the Orange County Jail.