This morning Sen. Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville) met with Orange County area judges for a roundtable discussion about issues affecting the area.

“Area judges see firsthand how laws written in Austin can affect people at home,” said Nichols. “Hearing from these judges helps me serve the people of Orange County better.”

Nichols represents Senate District 3, which includes Orange County following redistricting. He is running for re-election for another term in the Texas Senate.

Judge Courtney Burch-Arkeen, who presides over the 128th District Court in Orange County, helped organize the event.

“I appreciate Sen. Nichols’ willingness to visit with us today,” said Burch-Arkeen. “It is reassuring that we can have an open dialogue about the issues judges face from the bench and how state lawmakers can affect the work that we do.”

Some of the issues discussed included legislation from the last session which affects the judiciary, ways the legal system can better address substance abuse issues, and suggestions for future legislation.

Nichols stressed the importance of talking with local judges.

“These men and women are leaders in the community with insights about the unique needs of Orange County. My door is always open to hear their concerns,” said Nichols.