Marriage licenses issued by the office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk for the week April 2 – 5:

Joseph E. Triola and Amy E. Bryan

Job A. Broom and Jennifer L. Sawyer

Lawrence F. Powell Jr. and Catherine A. Williams

Donald J. Tardy III and Brittney C. Patrick

Toby L. Armstrong and Alissa R. Whittaker

Todd A. Duhon and Sharlena G. Kedel

Thomas J. Denby Jr. and Letricia L. Krug

Robert J. Thrailkille Sr. and Stacy L. Wise

Michael R. Preston Jr. and Sunshine D. Kiper

Mitchell B. Webster Jr. Margarita Bornette

Jeremy O. Dupont and Michele E. Cook

Stephen L. Stewart Jr. and Terri A. Roye

Jerry D. Belk and Patty D. Ferguson

Dwight Martin and Jonquetta L. Winbush

Kurt M. Miller and Denise R. McKean

Jacob Provost Jr and Angie L Wilson

Kendell G Schmidt and Haley L Sorrell

Jeffery E Chandler and Khriss L Holbrook