Well, here’s hoping you had a good Easter weekend. The Lord sure sent us some great weather for outdoor activity. Thanks to PESTCO there wasn’t a mosquito in sight. Not one bite. For just pennies a day they will run all the “Skeeters” away and those pests will be gone for several weeks. Ask Karen Jo. She lives where the “Skeeter’s” are thick and she never donates any blood to them. Just call Marty, Donna or Cindy and no more swatting and itching. See PESTCO’S ad for more information.*****Believe it or not, we can use some rain. If we don’t get any in the next couple of weeks, Glen Earl will be talking about one of his three favorite topics.*****Remember a couple of years ago I told you, in this column, that the day would come when the Tea Party would be the Republican albatross. They have fallen out of favor with the American people. A recent FOX News poll showed just 30 percent favor the Party, 51 percent think of them unfavorably. Just 15 percent strongly support them, 26 percent strongly oppose. It’s no longer viewed as a populist, grass-roots organization but a dangerous group with extremist views that don’t reflect the mainstream values of America’s middle class. Personally, I believe John Boehner could have been a good speaker but the Tea Party congress has held him hostage. Tuesday I watched Paul Ryan on Morning Joe and his Tea Party budget is scary. Mitt Romney has begun to shift to center with unity pleas. He’s started his etch-a-sketch to appeal to the middle. How is he going to shake the Ryan Paulbudget? He had to sign on to get their nomination support. He knows he can’t stay to the right and have any hope of getting elected.***** I’ve go to move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Rick Santorum’s supporterswere pushing for a Texas “Winner Take All” primary. It would have been a potential boost for their candidate. They believed it would have been a Lone Star miracle to save Rick’s campaign. Unfortunately, Santorum, because of the health of his child Bella, finances and other reasons, chose to suspend his campaign. When you think about it, Santorum ran an amazing race. He started from scratch, at two percent, no money, couldn’t afford to get on the ballot in some states, still he gave the richest man to ever run for president a run for his money. No doubt about it, Romney is as near a moderate as Obama. If Rick would have had the dough to make it to the long haul, conservatives probably would have made him the nominee. He is looking toward 2016 where it will be an open seat.


10 Years Ago-2002

Paul Cormier Oil Well Servicescelebrates 55 years in business in the Orangefield area. Mr. Paul, 82, has semi-retired and his son Bobby, 54, has taken over. Mr. Paul however is still very much a part of the Orangefield hometown business. (Editor’s note: Mr. Paul often referred to as “The Boss” is gone now but the oil well business continues. David Fusilier, a nephew, now oversees daily operation. Mr. Paul left behind a great museum of artifacts that he spent a lifetime accumulating. The museum, like no other, is now proudly owned by the Orangefield School District.)*****Thermon and Reba Eddins, of Bridge City, lost their home to fire Sunday morning April 7. The Eddins’ 19-year-old grandson Joshua, the only one at home at the time of the fire, was transported to St. Mary Hospital. Reba, a longtime BCISD employee and her retired husband were at their lake home at the time of the blaze. The home was totally destroyed.***** Elsie Clark, age 91, recently celebrated her birthday on March 29. Her mother was also born March 29 and Elsie was her 29th birthday gift. Elsie graduated from high school in 1929. She was the mother of the late Ronnie Clark, who was a member of the 1966 Bridge City State Championship team. He wore #29. He played both defensive and offensive end and received a football scholarship to SFA, got his degree at Lamar and became a CPA. He died in 2001 of colon cancer. Elsie also lost two daughters and two husbands to cancer. (Editor’s note: Miss Elsie has since passed away.)*****Bobby and Devra Cormier, of Orangefield, announces the engagement of their daughter, Janet, to Johnny Montagne, son of Johnny and Darlene Montagne, of Bridge City. The wedding is scheduled for June 1, First Baptist Church of Orangefield, at 5:30 p.m. *****Lester Barrett, 58, of Orange, died Saturday, April 6.*****James Melvin Broussard, of Bridge City, died April 3.*****Bridge City pitcher Derek Blacksher threw a no-hitter to beat Orangefield 10-0. He struck out eight and allowed only three base runners. *****Tyler Bearden presentes his dad, Sharon, with a huge five-foot by five-foot photo of the brand new Reliant Stadium. The new home of the Texans is really nice. Sharon can give you all the fine points, like how they roll up the natural grass for rodeos and etc. (Editor’s note: Come to think of it, I haven’t seen that great photograph hanging in the office lately.)

35 Years Ago-1977

Ed Lovelace recently sold 27.89 percent of KOGT Radio to Tolbert Foster, 27.89 percent to former governor Allen Shivers, 20.42 percent to the Texas Board of Regents member D.E. Dyche, 20.42 percent to Edgar B. Young and 3.38 percent to Ben C. Slack. The selling price was $488,000 plus a $80,000 non compete contract. Ed took the money and ran.*****Richard Carter marks 21 years this month with KOGT. (Editor’s note: A few years ago Richard suffered a stroke and had to retire. I believe he had been the KOGT morning mouth for something like 50 years.)*****Kim Daniels, the beautiful daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Hogan, is featured this week in the Gunn’s Studio ad. *****Brown Claybar is elected to the West Orange-Cove school board.*****Barbara Landry and Tom Brooks are elected to the BCISD school board. Gus Garza was re-elected.*****Gordon Harvey is elected mayor of Bridge City. Councilmen elected are Bruce Wright, Vic Vicknair and Don Calliouet.*****Ray LeLeux has moved his barber shop to 2124 Texas Ave. in Bridge City. (Editor’s note: 35 years later, through think and thin and plenty of storms, Ray’s shop is still in the same spot.)*****Father Frank Schanzer, of St. Henry’s, suffered a heart attack.*****Larry Ward and Bill Godwin are purchasing Fields Lumber Co., on Roundbunch Road. (Editor’s note: After a few years they left the business. Larrywent back to teaching in the Bridge City School District. He later died a few years ago. Billretired and moved to the lake.)*****Attorney Ronny B. Baxter openes her office at 105 Market St. in Orange. She is believed to be Orange’s first female attorney.*****The top country songs are “Lucille” by Kenny Rodgers and “Southern Nights” by Glenn Campbell. Top Album is Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumors.”*****Keble’s Kuttery proudly announces that Eddie and Chris Free will join brother Keble at Northway Shopping Center.


Becky Myers, Bob Arnold, David Thacker, Edyth Ramsey, Dustin Kemp, Roy Gill, Jackie Schell, Patsy Evans, Travis Miller, Amanda Ginn, Travis Reed, Cortland Savage, Howard Nelson, Jill Lemoine, Dora Ogden, Kathy Vessel, Leslie Staudenmier, Roy Mazzagate III, Jaclyn James, Shellie Holmes, Zackary Busby, Abby Noah, Ann Glover, Bruce Peveto, Connie Angelle, Betty Stark, Roy Farias, Dawn Mason, Gene Bellard, Kaylin Abshire, Ken Armstrong, Margene Bellard, Virginia Fox, David Miller, Jo Ann Collins, T-Lew Van Metre, Joy Learned, Kasie Moerbe, Kevin Huckeba, Larry McClure, Phillip Elmore, Randy Renfrow, Reatha Bradberry, Robbie Bethes, Sam Carpenter Jr. , Tiffani Thompson, April Stone, Christy Swanson, John Langlinais, April Allen, Linda Claybar, Shani Lawson, Patrick Cooks, Debbie Aarons, Jaclyn Eickenhorst, Judy Pittman, Kirby Cruse, Lillian Mercer, Marie Duett, Quentin Billeaud, Betty Foreman, Joseph Taylor, Janice Todora, Jane Istre, Jessica Christiansen, Kaylie Byrd, Mildred Hatton, Natalie Miller, Rachel Fowler, Ronnie Haymon, Shelby Bickham, Shelby Sellers, Steve Evans, Whitney Anderson, Cheryl Puntes and Matthew Franklin.


“Ace” Amedo, age 88, one of our truly great characters left from those long ago great Orange days when grown men acted like boys and were likely to do any kind of mischief, had surgery Monday to replace his pacemaker. Last I heard “Ace” had a blood clot in his heart. He’s doing well. Elton Guillot, Ace’s old police buddy, who worked the Orange Police Department beat with him, had a mild stroke and was also in hospital. He is now at the Meadows, on Hwy. 105. If you happen by stop in and tell him hi, it will mean a lot to him.*****Moe Litton is now running around in a new Chevy ONYX. His grandson, Phil Shafer Jr., is a salesman at Granger Chevrolet so I reckon he put granddad in that nice, new SUV.*****Bonnie Raittreleased her first album in seven years. “Slipstream” went on sale Tuesday. At age 62, her honey, whiskey voice is said to sound as sexy and self assured as always.*****One of the best Cajun albums I own, that made it through Ike, is by Jay Trahan and Cajun Jam, titled “Cade’s Waltz.” Moe needs a copy to listen to in his new CD as he rides the back roads.*****On June 1, Sallie Rainer will replace Joe Domino as CEO of Entergy. Joewill oversee the merger with ITC Holding Corp. The past 14 years as CEO, Domino has been a friend to all the area governments, always willing to help.*****Congrats to Brandy Slaughter, who last week assumed the Bridge City Chamber presidency. She’s a dedicated worker and has some friend girls who will pitch in to make the Chamber truly a voice for the business and professional community. Thanks to Bobby Vincent who kept the Chamber together.*****John Grisham has a new novel out titled “Calico Joe,” about the careers of a rookie, golden boy hitter for the Cubs and a hard throwing Mets pitcher and the very different paths they take. It is a moving novel about fathers and sons, forgiveness and redemption. Promises to be a great read.*****Here’s a great tip you will thank me for. If you have needed a new mattress, right now you can get a great night’s sleep at a rock bottom price. Orange Carpet and Sleep Shopdoesn’t often have a reduction sale on fine mattresses but now is the time to visit Warren, Paul and the gang. Tell’um we sent you and watch them shave the price.*****A note to Keith, my far-right friend, “If I agreed with you we’d both be wrong.”*****A few folks whose birthday falls this week. A great young man, David Thacker, Coach Dwight’s boy, celebrates his special day on April 11. Have a good one.***Connie Angelle will see another one come around on April 13.***Jo Ann Collins, who is looking very spry, with a gleam in her eye lately, will notch another year on Friday, April 13.***Pretty Linda Claybar, who’s had a few health problems lately, celebrates her special day on IRS day, April 15. Best wishes and clear skies.***Kirby Ridley Cruse, one of Hal and Lavern’s little girls, who just a few years ago married George and is now a grandma. What a gal. Growing up, for Kirby, was a stretch.***** Jarvis and Tina Barrow celebrated their first wedding anniversary Tuesday, April 10. Jarvis is a pump mechanic at Flo-Serve in Beaumont and Tina is our beautiful Orange County election administrator.***Congrats to C.F. and Myra Stakes, who celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary April 14. That’s not a record but it’s a darn good average. Here’s wishing both good health and happiness for many more.*** Remembering a couple of friends. Cal Broussard’s birthday would have been April 12. He died July 23, 2009. He shared his birthday with Vince Gill, 55 and David Letterman, 65.***Also the Civil War started 151 years ago, April 12, 1861. The last shot was fired in June, 1865.***Our buddy Parker “PT.” Thompson would have celebrated on April 14. He shared his birthday with one of his favorites, Loretta Lynn, 77. ***My thoughts turn to King Dunn, 93, one of the great guys I’m privileged to know. He and his bride would have been married 73 years on April 16. She passed away Jan. 6. I know he misses her but he has a lot of friends and family who care about his well being.*****One hundred years ago, at 11:40 p.m., April 14, 1912, the Titanic hit an iceberg. Three hours later, on April 15, it sunk. It is the deadliest maritime accident in history. The ship split in two, 2,200 people were on board, only 714 survived. In 1998, “Titanic” the movie won an Oscar for best picture. An actress from Orange, Texas, Frances Fisher starred in the movie.*****Mike Wallace died Sunday, April 8, at age 93. He and Don Huwitt kicked off “60 Minutes” in 1968, at age 89. He did his last interview with Roger Clemens. He was one of my all time favorites. He had charisma and a great smile but was a deadly interviewer. He took no prisoners. If Mike came knocking at your door you were in deep do-do.


Lately most places I go people are burning scented candles. Tip: Candles will last a lot longer if placed in the freezer for at least three hours prior to burning. Overnight is even better.


Gumbo (gum-boe). Surprisingly enough, just last week I was asked by a lady from the Northwest, “What is gumbo?” It’s a thick, robust roux-based soup, often called “brown soup,” sometimes thickened with okra or file’ (ground sassafras leaves.) There are thousands of variations such as shrimp or seafood gumbo, chicken and sausage, duck gumbo, and etc. No two gumbos are alike. As a youngster one of my favorite was round steak and okra gumbo. I believe my grandmother could have made gumbo with a shoe sole, as long as she had spices.


Joss Stone will be 25 on April 11. April 12, Tom Clancy, 65; Claire Danes, 33 and Andy Garcia, 56.***Lou Began will be 37 on April 13 and Ron Perlman will be 62.***April 14, Adrien Brody will be 39 and Brad Garrett, 52.***Emma Thompson will be 53 on April 15; Seth Rogen, 30 and Emma Watson, 22.***On April 16, Martin Lawrence will be 47.***Sean Bean will be 53 on April 17; Jennifer Garner, 40 and Victoria Beckham, 37.


Tree Cajun mens were sitting at a window table at Tee-Boy’s Bar & Grill watching T’aunt Blanche’s house of ill repute across da street. Before long da preacher of the non- denomination church, Asa Duhon, appears and quickly goes inside.

“Would you look at dat,” Alex Thibodeaux said, “Didn’t I always say me, wat a bunch of hypocrites dey are dem.”

After a couple more beers, den da Rabbi Rosen come up, knocks on da door and goes inside.

Joe Comeaux him says, “another one trying to fool everybody wit his pious preaching and silly hats.”

Dem Cajuns kept drinking dat beer dem and condemning dem preacher mens when dey spot dere own Catholic priest Fatter Broussard knock at da side door and go in.

Da Cajun mens don’t say nuttin for a full minute and finally Tee-Ned Arceneaux say, “Ah, now dat’s sad ya, one of dem girls much have died her.”


The Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s Restaurant this week. A nice crowd attended at Novrozsky’s last week. Assistant County Attorney Doug Manning was on vacation and accused Judge David Peck of getting him out to do some work even though he was vacationing. County Commissioner David Dubose was highlighting all the Orange County positives. Constable Mark Philpott escorted his lovely bride and Brandy Slaughter and the girls were celebrating Brandy being Bridge City Chamber president. Jimmy and Donna Scales seemed to enjoy dining together. King Dunn is feeling better and drove in from Mauriceville. Mayor Permenter and Pinehurst Business Manager Joe Parkhurst spoke about the new businesses coming to the city. Lynn Arceneaux says he’s just waiting to see who his opponent will be when Republican Primary is over, then he’ll turn the burners on for the position of constable, Pct. 2. Judge Derry Dunn has already had several constables serve his court. He would like one that will stay awhile. The other 20 attending had a good time breaking bread and fellowshipping. Everyone is always welcome.*****Karen Anthony and teenage children, Mary and Jerome, visited Bridge City and the Texas Gulf Coast for Holy Week and Easter. They are from the ski resort town of Welch, Minn., population 381. While here they visited Shangri La and the Stark Museum and were very impressed by both. They also visited Sea Rim State Park, attended Mass at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Galvestonon Holy Thursday and went to Easter Mass at St. Anthony Basilica in Beaumont. They saw a Bridge City Cardinal baseball game and were treated to boiled crawfish, boudain and other Gulf Coast delicacies. They very much enjoyed our scenery and culture.*****Cowboy Church, of Orange County, is having Ranch Sorting Saturday, April 14 at 6 p.m. Sign ups are at 4 p.m. They have a lot going on. Go to Cowboy Church Web site for more information.*****Finally, it has been reported that Judge Pat came to the courthouse over the weekend with four grandchildren in tow. They decided to play hide and seek. It was almost impossible to find them, they were hiding in Judge Peck’s robe.*****Thanks for your time. Please support our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.