I was just thinking about the disadvantage Republican Primary candidates have to face with no presidential race and how that will cut down the turn out. If the Primary had been held in March, with Santorum and Romney battling it out, there would have been more interest and excitement. The local GOP candidates are working hard but to create excitement is costly. Those that don’t spend the money will be left behind. Money moves the masses. Mitt Romney is not a great candidate yet he will be the nominee. Tom DeLay and Rick Perry first started the Gerrymandering. Then Rick and the Republican Legislature did it again. It backfired on them and the courts called them out. If they would have redistricted fairly and let the chips fall where they might, local candidates, running for office, would be better off. Their main goal was to control congress. They could care less about down ballot candidates. There are some good candidates who are working hard to get your vote. Early voting starts May 14 and goes till May 19 and also May 21 to May 25, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is just one Saturday voting for working people who work 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. It doesn’t matter where you live in early voting, you can vote at any of the locations. Orange Public Library, Bridge City Public Works, 220 Nitsche, First Baptist Church, Mauriceville and the Raymond Gould Community Center. Early voting is easy but if you want to wait, Election Day is May 29 and you must vote at your regular voting precinct box. There are no contested Democratic races in the Primary. In local races, most voters seem to be more independent and vote for the person rather than the party. The only statewide race to pull the wagon is for United States Senate. Dewhurst has the name ID and most of the money. If Cruz had the dough, he could give him a good run. Dewhurst and Romney are not the most likable or exciting. Either way, it will be a low statewide turnout.*****Well, I’ve got to move on. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.


Few battles in world history have been more decisive or had a greater influence on history than the 18-minute battle at San Jacinto, on April 21, 1836. We will never know what would have become of Texas if Sam Houston had lost. There was no organized Texian Army. It consisted of colonist, TeJano Liberals, slaves, and American soldiers on unofficial leave, just looking for a fight. Soldiers from 12 different countries fought side by side to defeat the Mexicans and capture Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna on April 22. As a result, the treaties of Velasco were signed. Texas remained an independent nation for more than nine years before becoming the 28th state of the United States.
The tension between the two nations culminated in the U.S. Mexican War of 1846-1848. The loss of that war by Mexico changed the political map of North America. The U.S. acquired the lands, which now make up the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah, and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas and Oklahoma.
Think about that, one million square miles of territory changed sovereignty. More importantly however, was the fact that the United States became a bicoastal nation, with the natural resources needed to add to its powerful political and military preserve in the world. Our late friend, attorney Louis Dugas, a historian, was most aggravated over the fact that San Jacinto Day and battle got so little coverage. He considered it the most important battle in our history. Jesse H. Jones said, on the 100th anniversary of the battle, “That was a day which, more than any other, gives Texas a history peculiarly and distinctly it’s own.”


Next week we will publish our 52nd anniversary issue. It will be a special collectors edition, loaded with personal interviews and historical stories about Orange County, where the West begins. Lots of cowboy tales and many current events. We will feature human interest stories that will be a record of the times. This is a great opportunity for advertisers to have a tremendous reach in both The County Record Newspaper, reaching the greater Orange area, including Mauriceville, Deweyville and parts of Southwest Louisiana and The Penny Record, the community newspaper of Bridge City and Orangefield trade areas. Advertise in both for one low rate. We reach more readers than all other media combined. More reach for your buck. To be a part of this special issue, to advertise call Nicole at 735-7183 or your account executive by Friday. If you wish a salesperson to call on you please call us. Extra copies are being printed to accommodate the demand.

10 Years Ago-2002

Mary Ann Turner, a LCM grad, was elected County Court at Law judge in Montgomery County. Raised a Democrat, she ran under the Republican banner. Eight out of ten voters there are Republican. Mary Ann worked for State Representative Wayne Peveto in Austin with Mickey Litton, an aid to Peveto. Mickey knew Karl Rove, who worked at the Capital in those days. I believe she said he was a wimp. Mickey has a lot of stories about those days in Austin and of the many characters she met. Being the daughter of Moe Litten, a legal secretary and in her Austin days, she could write a book. (Editor’s note: Don’t forget she also knows C. Delle Bates, which would add a little extra color to the book.)*****The Orange County runoff elections are over. Owen Burton, with the able help of wife Nelda and a few good friends, had a 600-vote turn around to beat Commissioner Sue Bearden. C.J. Huckabey, the third man in the race, endorsed Burton in the runoff. *****Derry Dunn won in a runoff against Dawl Cooper for the J.P. Pct. 2 spot. He will face Republican incumbent Cimron Campbell in November. (Editor’s note: Dunn won that contest. *****County Judge Carl Thibodeaux became the first county judge to be elected to three consecutive terms. He defeated Judge Pete Runnels. (Since that time, Thibodeaux has added 10 more years to his judgeship.)*****Joel Steirman, who served as Port Commissioner in 1994 to 1998, is again a candidate for the post. *****Jerry Hughes announced for re-election to the Port board. *****Peter Henry, 61, died Sunday, April 14. *****Christine Rhea Lane and Jared Alan Lacombe were wed Saturday, April 13. She is the daughter of Walter and Patty Lane and a 1998 Bridge City grad and a 2001 Lamar grad. Maid of honor was Courtney Huckaby. Serving as best man was Derek Blacksher. *****Claude Tarver officially takes over as Bridge City athletic director and head football coach. He’s the 11th AD in the school’s history. Tarver was at Hampshire-Fannett 16 years, 14 without a losing season. Tarver called the Bridge City job the best in Southeast Texas. (Editor’s note: Best I recall he didn’t stay in Bridge City long. I don’t recall why he left.)*****Luther Sanders’ Bridge City baseball career will lead to Blinn but first he has business to finish for Coach Sam Moore and the Bridge City Cardinals. Lutcher has pitched 143 innings and counting. He leads the playoff bound Cards with a perfect 8-0 so far this season the Cards are undefeated. Luther has 184 career strikeouts and 18-5 on the mound. He plays second base and this year has a .448 batting average. He is the son of Regina and Terry Sanders. (Side note: Luther wore the same baseball cap throughout his high school career. Mark Dunn bought it from him at the end of the season for a good amount. I believe Ike might have gotten it.)

35 Years Ago-1977

Fain Holbrook has given up the appliance business and is now selling for Courtesy Pontiac. *****The Rev. W.W. Kennedy celebrates his 34th year as pastor at Cove Baptist Church. *****Annabelle Caillier and Delbert Mires were married at St. Helen Catholic Church. *****Peggy Stanton became Mrs. Kenneth Morse Saturday at First Baptist in Vidor. *****Jo Amodeo and Janet Fontenot celebrate birthdays. *****Blaine and Linda Brown welcome their first child. They named him Chad. (Editor’s note: I recall that but can’t believe it’s been 35 years.)*****Randolph McLelland died. His body was flown to Arkansas for burial. He had two sons, Billy and Jack. *****Mary and Gene Maulsby celebrate 25 married years. *****New Bridge City cheerleaders are Nancy Gauthier, Kim Young, Tarya Hoffpauir, Tish Bratton, Sherri VanBreeman, Donna Pondexter and Tammy Poindexter. Head cheerleader is Melissa Harmon. *****Fire victim Jessie Dupuis is now considered in fair condition but will remain in Dallas Parkland hospital for a long time. James Rowe is recovering at John Sealy. He will be hospitalized for at least two more months. They were burnt in a Texaco Refinery fire. *****A new 1977 Buick Century, loaded, can be bought for $4,998 at Stephens Buick. *****High on the charts is “Mockingbird Hill” by Donna Fargo.


Megan Waguespack, Grant Mott, Emily Gilson, Barbara Sarver, Dustin Gibbs, Shirley Bonnin, Mandi Chesson, John Fuss, Cheryl Patterson, Maurelle McDonald, Ryan Ferguson, Bill Nickum, Brad Williams, Theresa Lieby, Bill Broussard, Beverly Raymer, Donna Wiegreffe, Emory Webb, Ken Brown, Becky Atkins, Belinda Norman, Benjamin Ezell, Baylor Trantham, Don McFarlane, Bonnie Short, Joy McNamara, Courtney Williams, Dana Hill, Virginia McNair, James Corley, Christian Dubose, Marshall Myers, Scott Fisher, Madeline Harper, Michael Harper, Jr., Joseph Jackson, Allison Rendall, Adrienne Colletti Platt, Amelia Hollier, Brandon Fisher, Glen Prince, Lacy Rutledge, Jason Smalley, Linda Robinson, Nancy Rendall, Paul Zoch, Samantha Briggs, Jeremie Breaux, Kathie Stephson, Shaun McAlpin, Sydney Bowman, Jacob Reynolds, Ida Schossow, Dickie Colburn, Robert Schilicher,
Sean Edgerton, Peggy Granger, Barbara Fuselier and Crystal McCarthy.


Moe Litton stopped by for a nice visit this morning. We talked about everyone we could think of. Moe is doing really well. The doctor told him he wasn’t going crazy and doesn’t have Alzheimer’s; his forgetfulness is nothing but ‘old timers.’ Names just seem to disappear. Moe left too early because Andrea brought in a mess of cracklins’ from Paw Paw’s on 1442. No need to go to Louisiana anymore to get good Cajun goodies, just a short drive to 105 and 1442. Tell Harvey or Burl we sent you. They’ll consider you a friend. *****Don’t forget the big 32nd Mauriceville Crawfish Festival starting this Friday and running through Sunday. Good weather, good food and a lot of family fun is promised. *****By the way, we are hearing some good things about LaBelle Femme’ Dress Shop in Jennings, La. Several brides to be have found just the right wedding dress. Right now they are having a sale on prom gowns. It’s worth the drive to this exclusive dress shop. *****We were glad to hear that after a short stay in a Galveston hospital our friend Roy Wingate is back home. Hopefully things will turn around and he will see better days ahead. *****I recall, like many of you, April 16, 1947. The windows rattled, the old school building shook and before long we found out the French ship Grandcamp had blown up in the harbor at Texas City. Another ship, filled with chemicals, also exploded the next day. The blast and fire killed nearly 600 people. The blast was felt down the coast from Corpus Christi to New Orleans. *****We heard from our longtime buddy Doug Harrington. He is not snapping back as quickly as he had hoped after fighting throat cancer and radiation. He and Regina are in their new home in Spring but he misses time at his Crockett ranch. He says Doug Jr. gave him a new, state-of-the-art computer that is way too complicated for him to operate. *****On April 15, 65 years ago, in 1947, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and became the major league’s first black player. This opened the door for many other nationalities to follow.*****On April 21, a good man, Mickey McNamara, age 76, was killed with a baseball bat at his insurance company office by a young, black man.*****On April 21, 1836, Sam Houston won the battle of San Jacinto and captured General Santa Anna.*****This week in 1865, President Abe Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford Theater.***** A few folks celebrating their special day, Nicole’s other half, Dustin Gibbs, celebrates April 19, as does Shirley Bonnin and Barbara LeBlanc Sarver.***Our longtime friend, insurance man and Bridge City community leader, Bill Nickum, will be  a year older April 19.***A lovely West Orange grad and retired Bridge City school teacher, Beverly Burgess Raymer celebrates on April 20.***A lady that goes back to our childhood, Joy Simmons McNamara, marks her and her twin sister Joyce’s birthday on April 21.***Virginia McNair, a nice lady, also celebrates on the 21.***Christian Dubose Simonton, son of Joy and grandson of Joyce and John Dubose, turns 17. The years fly. It’s hard to believe, it seems just a few years ago his mom was 17.***Adrienne Colletti, a beautiful, talented young lady celebrates on April 22.***The oldest of the Smalley brothers, Jason, celebrates on April 23.***Rev. Paul Zoch, Bridge City born and raised, and now a home-grown preacher turns another peg on April 23.***The fisherman’s fisherman, fishing guide, former coach and popular columnist Dickie Colburn celebrates his special day April 24. Dickie will do to ride the waves with.*****Happy 52nd wedding anniversary April 23, to a special couple, Lou and Kathy Garriga. They live a good, Christian life and have raised a house full of great children.*****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK Ants, ants everywhere indoors. You wonder where sugar ants etc. come from. If you can figure that out you can solve your problem. Ants will never cross a chalk line so get your chalk out, draw a line on the floor, cabinet or where ever ants tend to march. It’s a line they won’t cross. See for yourself. *****CAJUN DEFINITION Cafe’ Noir: The Cajun’s version of espresso coffee. Strongly flavored, drip, black coffee. (Not for weaklings) that is served in a demitasse, (very small coffee cup). In my youth the coffee was made in a small granite white drip pot and put in a pan of water, the coffee was never allowed to boil or scorch. The water had to be boiling when slowly poured, one spoonful at a time, over the coffee grinds. When compaigne (company) came, the oldest child or lady of the house served the coffee, cream and sugar on a serving platter, going from one guest to the other with the oldest, usually the grandma, served first.*****How silly can political things get. Last week Hilary Rosen, a Democratic activist but not a paid Obama staffer, said Ann Romney didn’t know the difficulties working women faced because she had never worked a day in her life.  Of course Hilary meant worked outside the home. I think of women as waitresses, beauty operators, etc. who stand on their feet all-day and still have the kid chores at home. These women don’t have domestic help, a cook who prepares all meals, a driver who takes the children to school and other activities. These workingwomen don’t have a Nanny to change diapers, feed, burp and care for the child’s every need. Now what does all of that have to do with governing? Yet, even Kevin Brady is out spinning that the White House is against stay at home moms. Silly ain’t it?


On April 18, Conan O’Brien will be 29; America Ferrera, 28 and Maria Bello, 45.***Ashley Judd will be 44 April 19; James Franco, 34; Kate Hudson, 33 and Hayden Christensen, 31.***Carmen Electra will be 40, April 20; Joey Lawrence, 36; Jessica Lange, 63 and Luther Vandross, 61.***Queen Elizabeth II will be 86 on April 21; Tony Romo, 32 and Tony Danza, 61.***Jack Nicholson will be 75 on April 22; Peter Frampton, 62 and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 46.***Lee Majors will be 73 on April 23; Michael Moore, 58 and George Lopez, 51.***Kelly Clarkson will be 30 on April 24; Shirley MacLaine, 78; Barbra Streisand, 70 and Michael O’Keefe, 57.


A couple of Sundays ago, Joe Robecheaux and his wife, Lula Mae, went for a drive through da countryside. She was driving and it was a nice day. Dey planned on going to Mulattes to eat later. Joe him, he figure dis was as good a time as any to tell Lula Mae wat he had to tell her. He say, “Honey, I know we been married 28 years us, but I want a divorce me.”
Lula Mae don’t say nutten, she jus speed up da car.
Joe say, “I don’t want you to talk me out of it no, I’ve been having an affair wit you friend Agnes.”
Lula Mae still don’t say nutten, she jus speed up some more.
Joe him press his luck and say, “I want da house, dis car and half da bank account.”
Lula Mae’s mad by now, she speeds up to going fast, fast.
Joe, he’s getting very nervous him so he say, “Ain’t dere something you want to say, hanh?”
Lula Mae speed up some more. Den she say, “No, me, I got everyting I need.”
“Oh really, Joe said, wat might dat be?”
Right before dey slammed into da bridge piling, going 90 miles per hour, Lula Mae say, “Joe, honey, me I got da air bag.”
Dey bury Joe at Breaux Bridge a few days later.


The Lunch Bunch will dine with Uncle Jim at Novrozsky’s this week. Last week at Robert’s Sheriff Merritt joined wife Marlene. She always does the treating. I wonder how he manages that. Everyone is always welcome. *****There are a lot of elections coming up in school, city, drainage district and port. The race that’s surprised me the most is that Port Director Barbara Winfree is facing opposition. She was appointed to fill her husband “Buckshot’s” unexpired term. She is the only woman on the port board and is asking to be elected to her own first full term. Next week we’ll give dates and times of these elections. *****Roy wrote a Down Life’s Highway column this week. He hasn’t written in several weeks but he’s now recalling a boyhood friend who died and the 32 Ford V-8 he got from him. He recalls the early years as boarding house roommates and their lifelong friendship. *****My time is up, thanks for yours. Please read us cover to cover, check our web at TheRecordLive.com and please shop our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.