Here we go again embarking on another year. With this issue, we celebrate our 52nd anniversary. For all those years this publication has been free and available to anyone who wants one, plus delivered free to 20,000 homes. I believe we’re one of the few free, real community newspapers, not a shopper. Over the past few years there has been some difficult times, especially since Ike, but we bit the bullet and kept on printing and delivering the best product we could. Ike got our production office in Bridge City and we miss Cox’s Neighborhood and Ms. Ginny, Neighbor Cox, Pate and the rest but we have found a good home here on Henrietta Street. We have good neighbors in Corky, Don and Donnie Harmon and enjoy our visits and friendship with Glenn Oliver and across the street are the Granger boys, Al and Dean Granger. There is always something going on at their Chevy dealership. Now their service department will be open on Saturday for folks who work 9 to 5 on weekdays. That will bring more folks around on Saturday. Many friends visit us while their cars are being serviced.

This weeks issue is a collector’s edition with many stories recording history, the times we live in and the part Orange Countyplays as gateway to the west and our cowboy ways. King Dunn, Ray McDanial, Mike Louviere, Penny LeLeux, David Ball, Nicole Gibbs, Roy Dunn and others have contributed to making it truly a historical issue.

We are very grateful to the advertisers who have supported us though the years and thankful to the many sponsors throughout these pages who are bringing you this special issue. Please look them over and patronize them when you can. They make it all possible.

Most of all, a big thanks to you our loyal readers, you have been so faithful. Everywhere we go we hear your great compliments. We try to carry something for everyone. I’m also amazed at the response from around the world on our website. We try to spread the word around the nation about the great place in Southeast Texas that we call home and about all of our natural resources and how unique our area is.

Not to be left out is how fortunate we are to have such good representation in our governmental bodies in Orange County. We also don’t brag enough about the many natives who have gone off and accomplished great things. Our area has produced many talented people. Yes, Orange County is where the “Sun Rises on Texas” but it’s also where those stars shine first.

We are proud to serve this great community that has so much to offer to anyone who wants to visit. The Stark Foundation makes available the Stark Museum of Art, Shangri La, Lutcher Theater and more. Orangefield, where the oil boom was born, has the outstanding Cormier Museum and soon the county will have the CHAMP building and facilities. A gift to the citizens of Bridge City will be a nature and heritage center and park on the shores of Cow Bayou. It will be a great asset for the families of Bridge City and will draw many visitors to the area. The city government has a chance to make it a great showplace that will benefit citizens for many years. Here fishing and hunting is always greatand fresh and salt-water fishing is at it best.

We invite all of you reading this publication around the county and world to visit us for a great vacation.*****Thank you for tuning in. I’ve got to get busy now. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Michael Hoke has been named our Orange County Person of the Year. He is an excellent choice. Much of what Mike does at Shangri La is his job but he goes far beyond to bring interesting programs to the public. He’s an educator and is constantly teaching about nature, stargazing and agriculture. Mike goes out of his way to put on community cleanup programsand teaches how we can make our community and world better through recycling and conservation. Mike is a great asset to our community and we’re proud to recognize him as “2012 Person of the Year.”


The Untied States economy will grow faster than expected this year. U.S.A. Today reported, in their Monday, April 23, edition, that economists think job growth for the rest of the year will be about 20 percent strongerthan was expected after Christmas. Consumers are buying more vehicles and going out to eat more. The unemployment rate is expected to fall and could go as low as 7 percent. Economist’s optimism also colors a new survey by the National Association for Business Economists. OPEC and Wall Street speculators control oil prices. Oil companies control gas prices at the pump. There isn’t much government can do about it in the short run. Supply and demand moves prices but oil companies could shave their profits, which are at record high level.


10 Years Ago-2002

Worldwide reduction in Dupont DTI affects Orange Sabine River Works. In the wake of reorganization, 150 jobs will be lost as of July 31. Gerald Ehrman, plant manager, said it would include all levels from leadership to technicians. The reduction must save $16.6 million. Last February Dupont announced a restructuring that would separate the DTI into a separate corporation. *****The Sabine River Authority promoted David Montagne to assistant general manager. He has been with the SRA 16 years. He is the son of Bob and Celeste Montagne, Democratic political activist for many years. ****Believe it or not, Judge Don Burgess, the second tightest judge in the county and one of two most conservative liberals I know gave, yes gave, Donito’s jet ski to Russell Bottley. I didn’t believe it either. *****This week, on April 30, Willie Nelson turns 69 and is still on the road. (Editor’s note: Today he’s 79 and still going strong and pushing to legalize pot.)*****Brown Claybar is a candidate for mayor of Orange in the May 4 election. *****Troy William Guidry, 31, a Bridge City grad died in New Iberia. *****Teresa Rena Turner, 41 of Orange died April 28. *****Thurman Keys, 69, of West Orange died April 29. *****Stacy Anne Bane married Jason Sean Ellis on April 27. *****County Bank is now open in Orange at the Round Bank location. Board of directors are Carlos Vacek, Bob Parker, Mike Moreau, Lin Bingham, Robert Hext, Tommy Rash, Robert Latiolais, Joe Burke, Bobby Rozas and Gordon Woods. *****The high flying Bridge City Cardinals of Coach Sam Moore prepare for playoffs with a warm up game this week against Port Neches-Groves. The Cards are undefeated 21-3A champions. Bob Corley is assistant coach. Players are Kaleb Faulk, Chris Jetton, Dustin Guillory, Tyler Hays, Jamey Knight, Hunter Hays, Derek Blacksher, Vince Lapeyrolerie, Coy Hunt, Luther Sanders, Lanston Fults, Andrew Delay, Al Durso and Thomas Hamrick. *****Charlie Wickersham celebrates 50 years in business in Orange. No longer in the car business, his former dealership is now Orange Ford-Lincoln. *****Delta Downs Casino, still celebrating grand opening is giving away $350,000 in prizes. The racetrack at Delta will feature Kentucky Derby day May 4. *****The annual Orange International Gumbo Cookoff will be held May 3 and May 4.

35 Years Ago-1977

The mayor of Orange proclaims Friday, April 28, Ed Lovelace Day. Also on Friday, Linda Richardson and her husband held an elaborate surprise party for Ed at their home. Most of the prominent names in the community were there. Baxter made a tape that is a Gordon masterpiece, describing the life of Lovelace. *****The second annual Gumbo Cook-Off exceeded everyone’s expectations. Robert Nelson and Jim Stelly saw to it that everyone had a great time. The Bridge City gumbo team won best all around gumbo. The most unique booth was that of Carmon Davis and Freda LeBlanc, put together by Brooks Hill, Houston Baker and Dr. Nolan LeBlanc. Frank Bailey, with Texas Monthly magazine, attended. Joe Grossman refused gumbo because it wasn’t Kosher. *****Connie Sue Gunn was named Miss Golden Triangle and Lisa Davis, of Bridge City, was named Miss Beaumont in that beauty contest. They will compete for Miss Texas July 6. *****The Orange County Bar named Bubba Hubbard the recipient of the lawyer’s coveted Liberty Bell award. *****Joe Runnels was the winner of a $1,000 jackpot at Weingartens. *****Judge Halliburtonhas three female puppies that he wants to give away. He will even deliver them. If you want to be a name-dropper, you can always say you’ve got one of the Judge’s little bitches. *****Richard Belk is building a new house in Dugas Addition across the street from Chief Wilson Roberts and behind Roy Dunn. The neighborhood is really going down. Curtis Lee saw the trend coming and moved out. *****Louis and Nancy Gay have moved to Palm Springs, California. Jim Dugas has taken over as sole owner of the Sport’s Den.*****Dow Gene and Charlotte Anderson were honored with a house warming in their new home on Bower Dr. in Bridge City.


Darby Byrd, Glenn Jeter, Jeff Fisette, Louise Savoy, Marriet Litton, Roberto Deleon, Bro. James Gilbert, James Gilbert, John Austin Chalmers, Pam Broussard, Julie Williams, Luke Domas, Stephen Russell, Christi Goodyear, Donna Lee, Gus Harris, Nikki Worthy, John Applebach, Mike Cain, Rosalyn Hollingsworth, Tim Batchelor, Chelsea Ballard, Ferrel Ashby, Stacy Mitchell Burns, Joe LaMoine, James Seitz, Josh Blanchard, Jimmie Simmons, Judy DeCuir, Nina Leifeste, Tommy Bourgeois, Candice Vigil, Drew Wappler, Garbrielle Freeman, Harold Haymon, Janice Gooch, Jenni Barrow, Roger Brister, Katie Smith, Kim Izer, Mary Grimes, Samantha Ziller, Virginia Woods, Carl Peltier, David Winfrey, Dot Eshbach, Cindy Landrum, Ramona Walker, Flo Arnold, Loretta Phillips, Karolyn Doiron, Frank Carpenter, Jason Mayfield, Newt Hodges, Tom McDavid, A.J. Sellers and Christina Johnston.


For several years now Tom Rooney, of Hartburg, has been participating in the re-enactment, re-creating the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution at San Jacinto. This past Saturday teams again played his part in the 176th anniversary. Participants made camp, ran safety drills and slept in the battlefield Friday night. On Saturday, the sound of cannon fire blasted in the fields near the monument. Tom Rooney wore an American Army uniform as his part in the battle. It’s a lot of fun regardless which side of the battle you’re in and it relives the most important battle in Texas history and led to the birth of Texas. *****Congrats to Clark Slacum who was hired as county engineer. He will replace the late Les Anderson. Clark is a nice, very knowledgeable guy. *****I understand our longtime friend Grady Johnson, the Governor of Pinehurst and pride of Shelby County, was injured in a fall and is now recovering. He’s a tough old bird. *****According to our sweetheart Mary Alice Hartsfield, who is doing fill-in work for Linda Gunstream’s Orange County Tax office, the staff will be raising money for “Relay for Life,” on Friday, April 27. A dollar donation from everyone is their goal but if you want to give a couple more it will be appreciated. *****I had never met Shea Simon before he came into the office last week. We had known his dad Huey since we were both six years old. *****Roy says you can’t trust young people to be familiar with old-fashioned words. Last week, in his Down Life’s Highway column, Roy asked this young staff to run a picture of a 1932 Ford coupe. They had never heard the word “coupe” before and didn’t know what it meant. They ran a picture of a 1932 sedan. They asked if coupe meant sports car? Not really, but has only two doors. *****Our prayers go out to Todd Edgerly who’s fighting a tough battle and is under Hospice care. Our thoughts are with Judge Flo, Gene and the family. *****Orange Carpet and Sleep Shop is still having that great sale on mattresses this week, all sizes. Don’t miss out if you need one. Stop by and see Paul or Warren. *****Cathy Clark and the gang at Sure Catch Seafood have a great lunch for only $5. They are located on Roundbunch Rd. in Bridge City. *****King Dunn invited Mrs.Verna Simon Duhon of Mauriceville, a native of Vermillion Parish, to the Wednesday Lunch Bunch. Ms. Duhonsaid for several years she had wanted to meet Roy, a native of Abbeville. They had a great visit about the motherland. Also in attendance were Cherry and Cedric Stout, our Pearl Harbor survivor. Shirley Zimaman revealed that she learned the power of prayer at an early age. Ask her about the rooster. The Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s Restaurant this week. Great folks, great fellowship, no speeches, and everyone is welcome. Next week lunch is at Novrozsky’s. *****Annie Hargrave’s dadoperated the lift bridge going to Pleasure Island. Annie and another real cutie, Loretta Parker, drew boys like flies when they visited the bridge. *****If your looking for something to do there will be big times going on at St. Martinville, Louisiana on April 29 to May 2. A delegation from Quebec, Canada will also attend. *****On May 1, one of the greatest people and lovely lady, Dot Eshbach, turns 90years old. She’s lived two full lives, married to Jay and raising children and in a second life she and friend Margaret traveled the world and maneuvered a big bus around the United States. She was a pioneer Bridge City businesswoman. Everyone loves Dot. I love her fudge also. Happy birthday and best wishes. *****Longtime banker Darby Byrdcelebrates being a year older April 25. *****April 26 is Karen Anthony, our Minnesota friend’s big day. We send a big Texas happy birthday out to her. *****Gus Harriscelebrates April 27. *****Shangri La and the Astronomical Society will co-sponsor an evening star party from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday, April 28. Treat yourself and the kids. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll be amazed at what you learn. *****Ms. Pearl Burgess wrote a nice poem titled “Celebration” in recognition of our 52nd anniversary. Thanks Ms. Pearl. *****Saturday I was watching the Boston Red Sox/New York Yankee game, with Boston leading 9-0, when the network cut away to the Chicago White Sox/Seattle game. It was the last inning and Phil Humber, of Carthage, Texas and former Rice pitcher, had a perfect game going. He became only the 21st in the history of the major leagues to pitch a perfect game. I remember when Don Larsen did it in 1956, Jim Bunning, 1964, Sandy Koufax, 1965, and Catfish Hunter, 1968. Nolan Ryan never threw a perfect game. By the way, the Yankee’s scored 15 unanswered runs in the last two innings to beat Boston 15-9. *****Ray Pousson stopped by. Right now he’s fighting the financial battle of having two youngsters in college at the same time. Raydoesn’t change; he’s the same great guy he was over 35 years ago. *****A big happy anniversary to McDonald Baptist Church celebrating their 81st. birthday on May 1.*****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK: If your cast iron skillet went rusty try this. Scour off the rust with a stiff nylon brush, hot water and a little salt as an abrasive. If that doesn’t work, use hot water and steel wool. After drying lightly coat the pot inside out with vegetable oil and place atop foil upside down in the oven at 350 degrees for one hour to re-season. I made an old iron pot look brand new that way. CAJUN DEFINITION: Gumbo: A roux based soup sometimes thickened with okra or file’. To make a thick, robust roux, slowly brown flour in an iron skillet. Roux can also be made in microwave. Not my choice. There are thousands of variations, such as shrimp, seafood, crawfish, duck, but most common is chicken and sausage. No two gumbos are alike. As a child, I ate Grandma’s round steak and okra gumbo and also blackbird, robin or dove gumbo. It’s said a good Cajun cook can make gumbo with shoe sole leather.


Al Pacino will be 72 on April 25; Renee Zellweger, 43 and Jason Lee, 42. ***Carol Burnett will be 79 on April 26 and Jet Li, 49. ***Channing Tatum will be 32 on April 27. ***Jay Leno will be 62 on April 28; Penelope Cruz, 38 and Jessica Alba, 31. ***Jerry Seinfeld will be 58 on April 29; Michelle Pfeiffer, 55; Master P, 43 and Uma Thurman, 42. ***Willie Nelson will be 79 on April 30 and Kirsten Dunst, 30. ***Tim McGraw will be 45 on May 1.


Wen Joe Robicheaux opened da morning paper he was dumbfounded to read in da obituary that Joe Robicheaux’s service was pending. He quickly call his best friend Clovis Comeaux, who answer da phone.

“Hello,” Clovis, did you see da Abbeville paper dis morning,” ask Robicheaux, “Dey say I died me.”

“Yea, I saw dat me,” replied Comeux. “Joe, where you calling from hanh?”


Thanks for tagging along. I’ve run plum out of time. I’ve messed around too much but our dedicated staff has worked long and hard to get this publication out. We’re proud of the great work this professional staff does and we thank them. Please read us cover to cover. We’re looking forward to visiting with you every week in our 53rd year of publishing your community newspapers. We’re always glad to hear from you so drop us a note by mail or on the Internet at TheRecordLive.com. Take care and God bless.