Memorial Day is a most special day because it’s the day set aside to honor our fallen heroes. It’s a time to reflect on the lives given in sacrifice, given by so many throughout all of our wars. Since World War I, nearly a million youngsters have died and their families were left to live with the ultimate loss of a loved one who gave his or hers life for the better good of the rest of us. My heart also bleeds for the many youngsters I see return beyond recognition. In this week’s issue, we are donating a special section to the Orange County youngsters who lost their lives n Vietnam. Extra copies will be printed and available at our Bridge City and Orange offices. We want to thank the Vietnam Veterans, Starks ’64 Veterans Assocation and Jerry Gatch, who worked with us to produce a first report and record of all those young heroes who died in that war. Copies will be made available to family members and at Memorial Day ceremonies. A special thanks to the advertisers who supported this heartfelt endeavor.*****I’ve got to move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no ham. CODOLENCES We send our deepest sympathies to the large family of Elaine Gauthier, 76, who died Saturday, May 19 at her home. She was the widow of Charles Gauthier, brother of Judge Janice Menard. What a great lady she was and she was surrounded by a loving, close family. Service is Wednesday, May 23, 11 a.m. at St. Henry Catholic Church in Bridge City. May she rest in peace.*****We are also saddened by the death of Chief Bruce Simpson, 68, who died May 20. Service will be Thursday, may 24 at 10 a.m. at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange.*****Verna Mae Hudson, 99, died May 19. Service is Wednesday, 10 a.m. at Claybar in Orange. She was the matriarch of the large Hudson clan, a group of active citizens who have been and still are a big asset to the community. May she rest in peace. Please see obituaries for all the above.


Looking back four years ago, I find politics was hot and heavy. I had hoped I’d see the first woman elected president in my lifetime. That didn’t work out. Republicans were running Sen. John McCain, their best candidate in years. In knowledge of government, Romney couldn’t carry his jock strap but that’s another story. The country was in one heck of a mess, with two wars, six million jobs lost that would climb to eight million, the national debt doubling, 200 years of debt in eight years. Corruption had run rampant with Ken Lay, Bernie Madoff, Jack Abramhoff and other thieves and also Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Country Wide and all the market corruption. I speculated at the time it would probably take a generation before home values would come back. Unemployment on June 5 hit 10.2 percent, gas prices on the same date is $4.10 a gallon and in some places $4.90. Youngsters were dying in a war of choice in Iraq. Between the two wars, over 5,000 would die, 40,000 would be maimed. The cost of those wars was one trillion dollars. Halliburton got much of the gravy. The country was in bad need of health reform. It was a Republican issue going back to President Nixon. Health cost was out of sight. At this point if the administration and congress would have worked together we could have got real reform. I’m getting ahead of the story. The worse thing going four years ago was that we were on the brink of a great depression. I know we can’t wrap our minds around that but I’m talking if the auto industry had not been saved, up to 30 percent to 40 percent unemployment would have happened. Even our Chemical Row would have been hit. I wondered out loud who in their right mind would want to tackle that job. In four years they would be unpopular. Despite great gains people would want a quick fix that was impossible, even if both parties worked together and without constant roadblocks. Well, President Obama was elected and he would have to be a magician to bring the country back to the point President Clinton left it. It couldn’t be done in one term even without obstructionist biting at his heels. Back in December 2011, experts said get ready for $5 gasoline and 10 percent unemployment. We predicted gas would be down to $3 or below by September and unemployment down to 8 percent or under by election time. Also, that six million of the jobs lost under Bush would be regained by Jan. 1, 2013. The mastermind of 9-11 is dead and so is Omar Kadafi. Bin Laden rode those hills on a donkey for eight years. Bush said he wasn’t concerned, he wasn’t chasing anymore. Romney said let the auto industry go bankrupt. When you dissect the entire situation and take a good, trueful look at the distance we’ve come, even with 89 Tea Party congressmen holding their speaker and the country hostage, the little guy ain’t done so bad. I wouldn’t trade the last three and a half years for any of the previous eight years. We’re still in a hole but it ain’t nearly as dark. One pull at a time we’re coming out and it will be a win for the middleclass. That’s my take. If you can truthfully dispute any of the above, be my guest. You may not like him but he’s due the credit he‘s earned.


10 Years Ago-2002

Orange Mayor Kevin Jordan steps down. City officials and citizens say goodbye to the city’s mayor of two years and seven years as councilman. Jordan ran for his first political office in 1997 with a platform that targeted city codes. He believed we’re too strict and hindered business growth. Jordan expanded the IDC Interstate development corridor along IH-10. That helped bring Tri-Supply. It had been a zoning issue in the city for some time. Growth includes a revitalization of the historical district and downtown. “I think building the police station needed to be done for a long time and I think the street program was a great accomplishment,” Jordan said. Jordan, a civil trial lawyer graduated from West Orange-Stark. He earned an engineering degree from Texas A&M and a law degree from Tulane. Since 1997, he has been with Sheldon, Jordan and Dunham in Beaumont. (Editor’s note: What became of Kevin since then and why did he leave?)*****Bridge City Bank of Orange awards 2002 scholarships to Renee’ Comeaux of Bridge City High School and Tyrell Boutte of Orangefield. *****Top students of Community Christian are named. Ah Ra Jennifer Cho of Orange is Valedictorian; Joshua Moore of Bridge City is names Salutatorian. *****A long time good friend and a well -loved lady, Benita Hebert, 84, died Monday, May 27. A Louisiana native from the GAM community of Andrews, she attended school in Indian Bayou. She is survived by sons Ronnie and Donald, two daughters Karen Chiswell and Ronda “Pookie” Arrington. (Editor’s note: Daughter Karen has since passed away.”)*****A big celebration crawfish boil was held for law school grad Joy Dubose at brother Johnny’s place. Abe Abshire was the Cajun chef/boiler. (Editor’s note: Since then Joy has wed Robert Simonton and they have a child to go along with big brother Christian.)*****One of the county’s most beautiful ladies, Nelda Burton, celebrated a birthday. Owen, the new commissioner took her on a trip. She did most of the toting. *****Speaking of birthdays, Bob Hope will turn 99 years old on May 28. Bob celebrated several of his birthdays in this area thanks to W.T, Oliver who introduced Bob to the area and to Hughen School and now also Bob Hope High School.Wynona Judd turns 38 May 30; Clint Eastwood, 72 on May 31. (Editor’s note: That makes old “Make My Day,” 82 today.)*****Kirk Ellender, a Bridge City grad, is elected president of BCISD. Congratulations also to George Navarro, elected mayor pro-tem for the city of Bridge City.*****Bruce Aven picks up wife May Ann, young son Kolbe and reports that same night for a game in Cleveland where he had been called up to.*****The 21-3A All District baseball team named. Coach Sam Moore coach of the year; Most valuable, Luther Sanders of Bridge City; Pitchers, Derek Blacksher, B.C., Chase Tucker, Buna Thomas Key, Kirbyville. Catcher, Tyler Hays, B.C.; Lee Legate, Orangefield; Second baseman Billy Lewis, Woodville; Third base, Marc Mitchell, Kirbyville; Short stop, James Knight, Bridge City and Colin Delone, Buna; Outfield, Chris Jetton, Bridge City, Ben Bear, Newton, Trent Sprayberry, Orangefield, Roy Catlin, Buna; D.H., Jake Cotton, Woodville; Utility, Hunter Hays, freshman, Bridge City. Other Orange County players on the second team, Corey Norman, Orangefield, Luke Agerton, Orangefield, Kaleb Faulk, Bridge City, Aaron Williams, Orangefield, Brent McPhatter, Orangefield and Lanston Fults, Bridge City. 35 Years Ago-1977 Dudley Baker, former county commissioner, is hired as manager of Orange County Drainage District.*****Allen Dunn moved to Texarkana where he takes his first job as a boilermaker for International Paper Co. in Domino, Texas. Thanks to Dewey “Teddy Bear” Cox the high school grad left home for the first time as a union worker. (Editor’s note: Allen has left home many times since and has worked around the nation. He is still working as a boilermaker and is still a loyal union worker.)*****Richard Corder is working this Memorial weekend in Waco broadcasting ‘two of best three’ games for the Bridge City Cardinals. BCISD board member Bill Townes gathered a Greyhound busload full of loyal Cardinal supporters. The bus was loaded with plenty of food, drinks and cookies.*****County judge Pete Runnels cuts the ribbon for Joe Hester’s new StarTracs Complex and Store in Pinehurst.******Top country songs are “Luckenbock” by Waylon Jennings and “If We’re Not Back In Love by Monday” by Merle Haggard.*****Big birthdays coming up. A big party is planned for Diane Baxter June 1.***Ray Trahan parties on June 2. (Editor’s note: What a guy. I wonder how old the late Ray was 35 years ago.)


John Hanes, Louis Purifoy, Billy Raymer, McCartney Miller, Justin Trahan, Tracy Davis, Amanda Uzzle, Philip Douglas Thomas, Joey Williams, Rusty Williams, Fran Bullard, Gracie Lemley, Jane Logsdon, Nelson Derrick, Chris Green, Jack James, Cutler Hubbard, Jo Lynn Harris, Judy Duncan, Sheryl Frazier, Archie McLellan, Barbara Olson, George Ragsdale, Logan New, Greg Williams, Mary Majors, Willamette Reynolds, Dylan Ball, Dylan Maas, Mary Donahey, McKenzie Louvier, Robert Herin, Bruce Montague, Charlene Terro, Honor Lee Smith, Lee Ludwig, Jacque Phelps, Jeanie Larch, Judy Landry, Kyle Smoke, Maureen McAllister, Michael Garcia, Rebecca Brumer, Shelly Smith, Kelli Boehme, Steffan Milligan, A.J. Lemoine and Christina Cunningham.


Good luck this week to both great Orange County teams in the playoffs. The Lady LC-M Bears play Montgomery in a best two out of three. Thursday, at Goose Creek. Friday and Saturday they play at Montgomery’s home field. That makes no sense but the Bears will preserve win and move on anyway. Coach Landry’s Bridge City Cardinals again lost the flip and are being forced into a winner take all game. It’s believed no one in the state can beat them in three. The number two team in the state takes on Vaco-Robinson, the number one state ranked team. Here’s the deal, the Cardinals can beat any team on any given day if they play an error free game. If the bats of the leaders come alive the youngsters will do fine and if Jake Lemoine will just pitch his game no one can beat him. My bet is Bridge City wins 3 to 1.*****Speaking of baseball, former Orange big leaguer, Bruce Aven, head coach of a Florida high school academy wins championship. See longtime sports writer Joe Kazmar’s exclusive story and interview with Bruce. Kaz is the dean of sports writers. He’s been writing for this organization for over 35 years. Bruce was an early Orange County star.*****Speaking of great athletes, in the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, we might have watched one of the great horses to come along since Affirmed won the triple crown in 1978. I’ll Have Another is now 1.5 miles away from becoming thoroughbred racing Triple Crown champ. The colts date with destiny comes June 9 when he runs in the demanding Belmont Stakes. I believe allegations of milk shaking the horse is just another side distraction. Bodemeister, the horse I’ll Have Another beat twice will not run but odds are a horse we have never heard of will come up to ruin the day for a Triple Crown. That’s the odds it’s been for 35 years, so if you bet on I’ll Have Another, don’t bet much. SIDE BAR: The Cajun Hall of Fame jockey, Kent Desormeaux, may be pulled from riding in the Belmont. He was suppose to ride Tiger Walk in the Preakness but was yanked for failing a breathalyzer test. This was the second time Desormeaux, 42, failed a test at a racetrack. He missed a $200,000 stakes race and his horse won. Friends say they are concerned about his drinking. If he rides Dullaham in the Belmont folks are betting he will be the main challenger to I’ll Have Another.*****Speaking of running, I can’t help but be concerned about the dozen jokers running to be our United States Congressman in the Republican Primary. I think gun toting, bible carrying Keith Casey is probably no nuttier than the rest. Despite Kevin Brady voting 98 percent for the failed Bush policies that got us in this big mess, we will probably miss his personality and caring for Orange County. The jokers don’t care if you vote for them or not, Orange County doesn’t count in the scheme of things. They haven’t spent a nickel with any media locally to get our vote.*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day. On Tuesday, May 22, our friend Margret Toal marked another year.***Amanda Uzzle and Billy Raymer celebrate on May 23.***Twins Joey and Rusty Williams, two great guys, celebrate May 24.***Barbara Johnson’s dad, Howard, turns 84 on May 24.***Barbara Olson celebrates May 25. What a nice lady.***Another doctor’s wife, Mary Majors, will celebrate on May 26. Dr. Joe and Mary, after many years in Bridge City where he was the communities first dentist, moved away to the College Station area after Ike.***Constable Mark Philpott celebrates his birthday Friday, May 25. He also married his lovely wife Babette 21 years ago on his birthday in order to not forget their anniversary.***Ms Maureen McAllister celebrates May 28.***A.J. Lemoine marks a birthday May 29.***Next Wednesday, May 30, Chief Sam Kittrell and Glenn Earl both celebrate their special day. Glenn says, “who’s counting.”***On May 30 a special young lady, Dr. Amber Dunn, will celebrate far away from family and friends in Cleveland, Ohio. Happy birthday to all.*****American Idol features finalist 16-year-old Jessica Sachez and 21-year-old Phillip Phillips in Tuesday night’s final appearance. The winner will be crowned Wednesday night. Joshua Ledet, of West Lake, Louisianan, lived up to our prediction of making the top three. He was knocked off last week. It’s a tough call but I don’t see how they can bounce multi-talented Phillips.*****Are you really surprised that Orangefield A.D. and Coach, Brian Huckaby, is on his way out. The school and athletic program is losing a good man and leader. Good luck with your knee coach.*****What has become of Iva Kay Odam? Has she been let out to pasture, just left town or gone underground. Strange disappearance.*****Gov. Rick Perry and the powers talked Mike Hamilton into running for state representative even though he hasn’t been an effective representative in the mold of Wayne Peveto and Ron Lewis. He has however, been able to get some local issues passed. Meanwhile, he has done well for himself using his connections to obtain disaster catering up and down the Gulf Coast. The redistricting left Mike to run against Allen Ritter or in a new district. He chose the new district and was gutted from behind. Having used him up, Rick Perrry, the house speaker and Lt. Gov. Dewhurst are now throwing Mike under the bus and endorsing his opponent. Being a strong believer in loyalty until the end I feel for Mike. They are throwing a lot of trash and cash against him. LAST CALL Early voting in the primaries ends Friday. Election Day is next Tuesday, May 29. This is the last message you will get in this paper from the candidates. Some good candidates have worked really hard and spent a lot of money to give you their qualifications. They deserve a better turnout from the voters than they are getting. I figure only a total of 6,000 votes will be cast in the Republican Primary and only a third of that in the uncontested local Democratic Primary. We want to thank the candidates who used this community paper to deliver their message. We wish all good luck and thanks for offering yourself for public service. Please be a good citizen and vote Wednesday, Thursday and Friday or next Tuesday. Surely you can find the time.


Joe Badeaux, da Cajun pholosipher, was sitting at da back table at da McDonald’s wit Elray wen Teneg Dartez walk in and say, “Wat you men’s doing?” Badeaux answer, “Me, I’m giving Elray a lesson on politics.” Teneg axe, “Can I sit down me? Boat da men’s answer, “Sure, sure, sit down rat dere.” Badeaux continued, “You see, da country was in dis bad, bad mess, our young peoples was fighting two wars on da utta side of da ocean. At home, dere was no mo jobs and dem dey had spent all da money, broke, da country was in a big mess. So dey hire dis black guy to clean up dat bad mess dey left us in. Da black guy, he wants to borrow some money for some material to help clean up da mess. Dey say, “Nope, no money, use dat old broom over dere in da corner. Da black guy he work and he work but don’t get too far too fast him. He axe for some help. Dey say no, dats why you were hired, you. Do it by youself.” Elray butts in an axe, “Well, why dey mad at him den?” Badeaux answer, “Dey mad because he don’t clean dere mess up fast enough, dey say he go too slow.” “So wat he gonna do hanh?” Elray asked. “Well, says Badeaux, “He’s gonna get him some womens, Mexians and mo black folks and clean some more, an wen dey done, dey will have back all da money, an plenty jobs too.” Teneg say, “Can I axe a question me?” “Wat is it?” Badeaux axe. “Well, it’s about dat some-sex marriage?” “Oh, Teneg, Badeaux answer, dats easy, if you against it, or if you don’t’’ like it, don’t do it.” “Yeah, but dey say if dey do it dey going to hell dem,” answer Teeney. “Mais, dat’s okay Teneg, dere will be more room for me and you in heaven if dat’s true.” C’EST TOUT Well, we’re short on space so I ‘m pulling some of the copy out of this column, “Creaux’s Tips” and etc. in order to make room for a couple of ads. *****The Lunch Bunch will meet at Robert’s this week.***** A lot of good, interesting reading is inside these pages and also special features, including another chapter by Roy on his colorful dad, Clay.**** Enjoy the paper. It’s brought free to you by our advertisers. Please patronize them and thank them for making us possible. Take care and God bless.