Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between May 25, and the morning of May 26:
Process service, warrant, 3819 Meeks
Assault, Class A, family violence, 201 8th/International Apt.
Theft, other, 3118 Edgar Brown
Department activity, other, 802 Cypress
Assault, Class A, family violence, 3333 Ridgemont
Process service, warrant, 1200 8th
Process service, 205 Border
Robbery, street/highway/open area, strong-arm, 902 Arkansas
Mental subject, 1343 5th St.
Process service, warrant, 500 Knox
Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 608 Strickland
Mental subject, 208 10th St.
Public service, warrant, 1521 37th St.
Possession of marijuana, 111 Pine
Process service, warrant, 111 Pine
Aggravated assault, non-family, firearm, 1418 5th St.
Unauthorized use of auto (joy riding), 4212 27th St./Waffle House