Sherlock Breaux and the Creaux WELCOME TO OUR 2012 GRADUATION ISSUE

We congratulate all the grads who have made it through high school and will now be headed into a bigger pond. Many of you will be leaving the nest and you will find out how easy Mom and Dad made life for you. Go off on your own, you will wake up to a new reality. Life ahead will be what you make it. You’ll miss the protection of home and look back someday soon and realize how really good you had it. We wish you the best and a long, happy and healthy life. When making choices, Mom and Dad are still the best source for guidance. You’re never too old or too smart not to rely on their best judgment.***** I have to move on now, please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The Texas Primary, delayed by three months because of legal wrangling over Rick Perry’s redistricting has come. If the Primary had taken place in March, the GOP nominee might very well have been Santorumn instead of Romney. Locally, candidates for County Court At Law Judge Mandy Rogers and Rodney Townsend did a good job reaching the voters county wide. I knew it would be a close race. Congratulations to Mandy who will face judge Mike Abbott in the November general election. Also congrats to Commissioner David Dubose, who will have a harder time in November against Judge James Stringer for Pct. 1 commissioner. I had no idea about the constable in Pct. 2. David Cagle was the most visual but Gunter ran a grass roots race. The winner Cagle will face Lynn Arceneaux in the general election. In the U.S. senate race, Ted Cruz, backed by the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum because David Dewhurst, Rick Perry’s guy, is not conservative enough, is hoping to force Dewhurst into a runoff. A low turnout where the activists walk through a storm to vote, could upset the Lt. Gov. in the senatorial race in July. Democrat Paul Sadler would have a fair run at Cruz in November. Well, everyone will rest for a couple of months and then the big game is on for the General election, when both Demo’s and Repub’s are on the same ballot. In local races party affiliation doesn’t matter as much.


Before Tuesday’s May 29th primary Mitt Romney just needed between 79 and 107 votes to reach 114 delegates. Texas has 155 delegates. Romney, the only active GOP presidential candidate, should have gotten them all but here is the problem, Romney doesn’t like Texas. He hasn’t made one appearance in Texas and has refused to attend the state GOP convention. The feeling is mutual. Texas doesn’t like the Bostonian either. It will be interesting to see if he gets the 70 percent needed. A Republican friend of mine says, “I’m embarrassed that Romney is the best we had to offer. I might as well wait four more years for the open seat when we can pick a candidate we can be proud of, a real leader for the future.” I thought about that and wondered out loud, “Do any of the Bush’s, starting with Papa Bush, really want Mitt to win?” Maybe they’re supporting Mitt knowing he can’t win but it leaves Jeb in good shape to tap into the money vein four years from now. All I know is that Mitt is not the darling of the GOP. His support is lukewarm at best. Come November, being a Mormon will be a drag with Evangelicals and Catholics once they research the beliefs.


Former District Clerk, Stella Winters, 82, died May 27, after a long illness. Services will be held June 1, 10 a.m. at Claybar Funeral Home, in Orange. Our condolences to Charles and his entire family.***Carl Dronett. 61, died last week in a motorcycle accident. The longtime boiler maker was the father of the late NFL great, Shane Dronett. Services at Claybar in Bridge City on Wednesday, May 30, 10:30a.m. Carl was a good guy. May he rest in peace.***Condolences to our friends Percy and Dorothy Bordelon on the loss of their son, Ken, who died May 21. Service was held May 26. Ken was 65 years old. Please see obituaries.


10 Years Ago-2002

Out with the old, in with the new. The original Bridge City High School came crumbling down to make room for a new state-of-the-art high school. A $19,675 million bond issue passed last year includes the new high school and other renovations throughout the district. The wrecking ball dooms landmark school this week. The first high school has been used as a junior high.*****Our buddy Al Granger’s parents, Wendell and Carol, are doing fairly well after a bad automobile accident in East Texas a couple of weeks ago. Wendell is on a ventilator in ICU and Mrs. Granger has both hands broken but is doing better. Al goes by nightly to feed and be with them. (Editor’s note: I don’t believe Mr. Granger ever recovered and later died. As far as I know, Mrs. Granger is doing pretty good for her age.)*****Janet Cormier weds Johnny Montagne Jr., in a ceremony at First Baptist Church of Orangefield. Rev. Dale Vance preformed the wedding. She is the daughter of Devra and Bobby Cormier. Johnny is the son of Darlene and Johnny Montagne. A large reception was held at Sunset Grove Country Club with over 300 attending. A few spotted at the reception were Nancy Vincent and hubby, the Doug Harrington’s, Roy and Phyllis Dunn, the Moe Litton’s, Corky and Betty Harmon and John Junior’s grandparents the Cedric Stouts. (Editor’s note: 10 Years later the young couple are doing just fine and have added three younguns’ to the mix.)*****Alice’s little boy, Jared Williams celebrates his 21st. Birthday June 3.*****Cade Douglas Trahan is one year old June 5. He’s the young son of Jay and Carla Trahan.*****Rev. Paul Zoch celebrates five years as pastor of St. Mark Lutheran Church in Bridge City. A breakfast brunch will be held to observe the occasion.

40 Years Ago-1972

Just for kicks we thought we’d take a look back at what the natives were up to 40 years ago.

Charlie Wickersham and Charlie Lemmond are between wives and eligible.*****The election next Saturday will feature the U.S. senator, Barefoot Sanders vs. Ralph W. Yarborough; governor, Dolph Briscoe vs. Mrs. Frances Farenthold; lieutenant governor, Wayne W. Connally vs. James (Jim Wilson; sheriff, Max Boatman vs. Allen (Buck) Patillo; tax assessor/collector, Juanita Jordan vs. Louvenia Hryhorchuk; Democratic chairman, J.L. (Pete) Runnels vs. James Morris; commissioner, Precinct 4, W.J. (Dub) Davis vs. Carl E. Ward. This has been the most exciting election in years. A few notes: All tax employees endorse Hryorchuk; all precinct chairmen in 2 boxes endorse incumbent Morris for Demo. Chairman.; Vertis Wagner endorses Sheriff Buck Patillo for sheriff. Casey Peveto has been commissioner of Precinct 1 for 25 years. Faye Arnold supports Hryhorchuk. Both candidates were employees of Mrs. Arnold in the tax office.*****In other happenings, Faye Linscomb has kept up with her record of wrecking cars in the month of May. For the third time in a row May has been a bad month for her. Last week, she ran over a big pipe in Vidor. Husband Ted says she will be forbidden from driving in May from now on.*****Bridge City Coach Chief Wilson hires Coach Van Wilhelm to be backfield coach. A sure sign that BC will run the wishbone next season.*****Roy Dunn approaches senior benefits with his birthday this week.*****Apartments in Riverside are $48-$50 per month with electricity and gas furnished. The complex will also pay your moving expenses. The apartments are located at 370 E. Park.


Can “I’ll Have Another” win the Belmont and take the Triple Crown? The odds are against it. “Affirmed” was the last Triple winner in 1978. If “I’ll Have Another” loses, it will be to a long shot. Place your bets.*****Sen. John McCain urges the United States to put boots on the ground in Syria. I don’t believe the U.S. is ready for another 10 year war. You know Iran would join in. Romney pops off but he has basically no world view of foreign policy. I’ll trust the President to make that call.*****Special folks celebrating their special day. On May 30th Doctors David Olson and Amber Dunn both mark another birthday.***Wilda Hart celebrates on May 31 as does Brooke Edwards.***Celebrating June 1 are Linda Wolfford and Shelia Deason.***Nina Aven and John Gifford celebrate June 2.***Our buddies Heman Dupuis and Harold Trantham celebrate June 3.***Sandra Hoke, Mike’s better half, was born June 4.***It is said that folks born on June 5th are perfect Gemini’s because of the same amount of days on either side of the sign. Some of the folks we know who are perfect Gemini are Joyce Dowdle, Tim Hughes, Roy Dunn, Trey Wild, Chris Andes and Laura Silva. Happy birthday to all.*****We got a lot of response to last week’s memorial issue. We heard from a lot of vets saying thanks for highlighting the young soldiers we lost in Vietnam. We still have a few extra copies, many were also passed out at Memorial Day events. Thanks to the Stark 64 VFW.*****We apologize to Harry Stephens for misspelling his name under his Marine picture, taken when he was only 17 years old. Sunday’s Beaumont Enterprise, in a front page story, featured Harry’s Appliance Center. It is one of the few, if not only, stores that sells only American made products. Harry’s is also very unique in the fact that they give one day service on any product bought from them. They also have free delivery so why shop anywhere else. By the way, Harry and Margie took a weekend trip to the Dallas area where she ended up in a Fort Worth hospital with a kidney stone attack. She made it home to Bridge City but for the time being is bedridden. We wish you a speedy recovery Margie.*****Congrats to the Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears and the Bridge City Cardinals for a great season. Good luck to all the seniors and thanks for the memories.*****Neighbor Cox tells us his garden is not fairing very well this year. The tomatoes turn white and fall off the plant before turning red. The cucumber crop is also nothing to write home about. Cox is excited however that his baby daughter Karen and son-in-law Keith are coming in from Oklahoma this week.*****Marlene Merritt says she has a bumper crop of cucumbers. She picked one early that was 13.5 inches long with a crook in it.*****We spoke with our buddy Doug Harrington. The family spent the weekend at their Crockett Ranch. Doug was due to see a doctor in Houston Tuesday. He’s regaining some of his strength back and says he misses his friends in Bridge City.*****Here’s a warning: Poison Ivy season is here so be very careful if you are allergic. Remember “Leaves of three, let it be.”*****We received a short note from Wilda Martin praising Attorney H.D. Pate for his help. She says H.D. will go out of his way to help senior citizens. Wilda’s husband Clarence Lewis Martin died about 11 months ago.*****We received a nice card, with an artist painting on it, from Mary Guillot. Mary tells us a wonderful story about a 16 year old beauty that was adopted from China by Dorothy and Ray Rachal when she was eight months old They now live in Houston. Mary sent a clipping of the 16-year-old Meili’s Cajun story. It seems Meili is strong on the Cajun culture and is a big fan of The Record Newspaper and calls Dunn “Uncle Roy.” She speaks French, Greek and Spanish. Keep on Keeping on girl. Mary says Elton has really been sick and was in Baptist Hospital, in Beaumont, when she wrote. Your prayers for this good man would be welcomed.


I’ve had an inquiry about Crawfish Etoufee, pronounced A-To-Fay, which means smothered. It’s one of the Cajun’s most popular dishes within the family. Right now crawfish is cheap, or cheaper than other seafood, plus it’s a true fresh water delicacy and seasonable. You can substitute with shrimp but why would you unless crawfish is not available. My recipe will serve six normal people, three Cajuns.

1⁄2 cup cooking oil

1⁄2 cup flour

1 med onion

1 stalk celery chopped

1 bell pepper chopped

1 can tomato paste

1 1⁄2 qts. Hot water

1 1⁄2 lbs peeled crawfish

Make a roux with flour and oil, add celery and onions, cook till onions are clear. Add all other ingredients and simmer for 30 minutes. Salt and Cayenne pepper to taste. I like black pepper also.


May 30, Wyonna Judd will be 48.***Clint Eastwood will be 82 on May 31; Brooke Shields, 47 and Colin Farrell, 36.***Andy Griffith will be 86 on June 1; Morgan Freeman, 75; Heidi Klum, 39; Alanis Morissette, 38 and Lisa Hartman, 56.***Stacy Keach will be 71 on June 2; Dana Carvey, 57 and Justin Long, 34.***Rafael Nadal will be 26 on June 3.***Angelina Jolie will be 36 on June 4 and Noah Wyle will be 41.***Kenny G will be 56 on June 5; Mark Wahlberg, 41; Susan Lynch, 41 and Wayne Brady, 40.


Boudreaux’s daughter Una brought home her new fiancé, Albert, to meet Boudreaux and Clotile. After supper, Clotile says to Boudreaux, “Shea, find out wat you can bot dis man.” So Boudreaux axe the fiancé’ to da back room for a little drink.

“So wat are you plans?” Boudreaux axe da young man.

“I am a scripture scholar.” Albert replies.

“A scripture scholar,.” “Hmmmm, Boudreaux says, dats good, but wat you gonna do to give my daughter a nice home to live in, hanh?” I will study ad God will provide for us,” a young man says.

“And how you gonna buy her a nice engagement ring?” axe Boudreaux.

“I will concentrate on my studies and God will provide for us,” answer da young man.

“And chillrens?” axe Boudreaux, “How you gonna support de chillrens?”

“Don’t worry, sir, God will provide,” says the fiancé.’

Da conversation proceeds like dis and each time Boudreaux axe a question bout da young man’s future, the young man says dat God will provide.

Later, Clotile axe Boudreaux, “Mais, how did it go, hanh?”

Boudreaux say, “Well Clotile, mais, dis young man got no job him, and he got no plans for one, but da good news is—-he tinks I’m God me.”


For many years I’ve been saying that someday some big things will happen in Orange County because of our natural resources. We will soon have the opportunity to be recognized around the country for our great fresh and saltwater assets.*****A new report shows that unemployment in five swing states is dropping and nearly normal.*****Mitt Romney has gone to bed with Donald Trump and made him one of his top surrogates. Now that’s two rich guys who really care about us ordinary people. Trump is pushing the “Birther” sham. Trump knows better but he’s betting ignorant people will buy into it.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will meet at Novrozsky’s this week and back to Robert’s next week. Everyone is welcome to come by and break bread with this great group.*****Finally, congrats to all the wining candidates and also to the people who went to the polls. Now it’s time to reload for November. Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.