An Orange man was arrested Sunday when he was found to be in possession of a controlled substance. Police were on patrol in the area of Schley Ave., and 2nd St. when two men were observed walking in the roadway.

The area officers were patrolling is known to be a high crime area, so police conducted a stop on the two men. The men, who were identified as Andra Powell and Elroy Chavis. Powell, 30, of Orange, was seen dropping an unknown item and step on it.

Both men were advised to step to the rear of the police vehicle while the area the object was dropped in was searched. Officer Caleb Davis observed a cigarette that was still lit and smoldering. The burnt end appeared to be wet, with a yellow tint to it, which police believed to be PCP.

Police asked Powell if he had any illegal items on his person, to which he told them he didn’t. After a pat down, Powell was asked to empty his pockets. He placed several vials of an off-white liquid substance on the hood of the patrol car.

Officer Davis asked Powell what the substance was, and he answered it was “stuff he smoked with.” Davis believed the substance to be PCP, and he placed Powell under arrest for possession of a controlled substance.

Powell was transported to the Orange County Jail, and upon release to jail staff, informed the jailer that he had a bag of marijuana in his pants. The jailer also located another vial of the liquid substance.

Elroy Chavis was advised of a traffic violation and released. He did not want to give a statement,