Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between June 1, 2, 3, and the morning of June 4:

Assist other agency, IH-10 W. at Cow Bayou Bridge

Larceny from vehicle, 1521 N. 37th St.

Process service, warrant, 900 block Burton

Controlled substance, other, 1407 Green

Larceny from yard/land, 1925 Simpson

Process service, warrant, 1500 37th St.

Possession of marijuana, 10th and Link

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 3000 MacArthur Dr.

Cruelty toward a child, 201 8th/1931 Wilson

Damaged property, other, 600 block S. Service Rd.

Public intoxication, warrant service, 10th and Burton

Assist other agency, 206 Dewey

Damaged property, private, 1706 17th St.

Assist public, 201 8th St.

Public intoxication, 11th and John

Suspicious vehicle, 2080 IH-10/Hampton Inn

Assist other agency, 515 Decatur

Sexual assault (with an object), 2600 Allie Payne

Process service, warrant, 5700 Velma Jeter

Process service, warrant, 1521 37th St.

Disorderly conduct, Class C, 515 Decatur

Traffic accident, injury, 20th and Live Oak

Traffic accident, hit/run, private property damage, 7253 IH-10

Process service, warrant, 6th and Burton

Miscellaneous incidents, 209 E. Ohio

Process service, warrant, 201 8th St.

Process service, warrant, 1555 16th St.

Public intoxication, 2323 IH-10

Department activity, other, 4750 Meeks

Possession of cocaine, 500 block Burton

Public service, other, 3700 block 16th St.

Process service, warrant, 11th and Curtis

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 1801 DuPont

DUI, drugs, 12099 FM 1442

Public service, other, 3000 MacArthur

Controlled substance, other, 2nd and Schley

Miscellaneous disturbance, 2303 Simmons

Assist public, 1204 Moss

Stolen vehicle, 612 13th St.

Larceny from vehicle, 1301 10th St.

Burglary, forced entry, residence, 208 Decatur

Process service, warrant, 400 block 8th St.

Miscellaneous incidents, 3700 block Meeks

Public intoxication, 2020 IH-10

Larceny from vehicle, 2710 IH-10

Miscellaneous incidents, 1408 N. 16th St.

Aggravated assault, non-family, Knife/cut, 2303 Simmons/Club Envy

Public intoxication, 919 Georgia

Public intoxication, 15th and Burton