Bridge City Manager Jerry Jones

Bridge City Manager Jerry Jones reported at the council meeting June 5 that the last phase of street work in Round One is being completed. “Our streets are getting in good shape and we are completing the pipe bursting on schedule,” said Jones. “The funds have been approved for Round Two and we will be starting that phase next.”

The council approved a request from the Planning and Zoning Commission to hold a public hearing to change property from R-1, Single Family Residential District to C-2, Second Commercial District. The property is located on W. Roundbunch across Highway 1442 from the Common Ground Church.

Bridge City Properties approached the Planning and Zoning Commission about changing the zoning on property located behind the Chicken Express and Bridge City Police Station from R-1, Single Family Residential to C-3, Third Commercial District. The council also approved this request.

The joint public hearings for these two requested changes will be held June 25.

The Building Standards Commission will be meeting to make recommendations about the demolition of properties that have remained in bad condition since Hurricane Ike. In order for the Commission to be fully functional it was necessary to make two personnel changes: James Smith’s status was changed from an alternate member to a regular member and Lucy Fields was appointed as an alternate member.

“The Commission will have a lot of properties to look at once they start meeting. We have nearly 100 structures that need to be demolished since Hurricane Ike,” said Jones.

Mayor Kirk Roccaforte appointed the committee to meet as the negotiating committee for the upcoming contract renewal with the Bridge City Police Association. The committee will consist of Roccaforte, Council members Robert Savoy and Kevin Mott, City Manager Jones, Police Chief Paul Davis, and City Attorney Paul Fukuda.

The next regular council meeting scheduled for July 3, was rescheduled for July 10.