Sherlock Breaux and the CreauxWHAT’S GOING ON IN OUR COUNTRY TODAY

On Tuesday every Republican senator voted against women getting equal pay for equal work. Example: A male anesthesiologist makes 20 percent more than a female of the same trade. They both do exactly the same thing. Time and again women’s rights are trampled on. I have a hard time understanding why. No one who voted against Monday’s equal pay bill said why they objected. Do you know?*****Over 200,000 women have breast cancer but it looks like a breakthrough might be on the way by identifying tumor cells.*****FACEBOOK stock dropped down to $26 on Tuesday. A lot of people bought into the hype. It opened way too high and will probably level off at $23. Those who bought in at $38 will lose a bundle.*****In England, the Diamond Jubilee celebration came to an end. Queen Elizabeth marks 60 years as Queen of England.*****Gas prices are coming down. That helps working people more than anything.*****Unemployment in Texas and several other states is down to nearly seven percent.*****Rain, a lot of rain, is on the way or so they say. We certainly need it. Preston loves it because it makes the grass grow.*****Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.



Buying elections is now a way of life. Mitt Romney used his financial advantage to run off every challenger in the primaries. He bought the nomination and his goal is to buy the presidency. Money wins elections, always has, but since the Supreme Court ruling on Super Pacs, it really has gotten out of hand and will get much worse. Qualifications will have little to do with who is elected. Think about this, how much power will 46 individuals who have funded a $200 million Super Pac have? The Koch brothers, Charles and David, who are estimated to be worth $50 billion, have already committed to bank roll $151 million, and will spend another $100 million if it takes it. How much influence will they have if their candidate is elected? Do you believe those few rich people are buying the presidency so they can help me or you? Whose good are they looking after. On the other hand, they will publicly focus on the economy not recovering fast enough, when their goal when they helped elect the 89 Tea Party members of Congress was to do nothing that would advance jobs and the economy. President Obama has proposed several ideas designed to spur job growth and secure the housing industry. One proposal, on the jobs bill, was the infrastructure, 150,000 bridges in this country are 50 years or older and in need of repair or replacement. Up front, one million jobs would have been instant, with two million more satellite jobs created. The Congress sat on their hands but they didn‘t make a secret of it. They said up front they wouldn‘t cooperate and their main goal was to defeat Obama. They were very public about that. They have taken a step-by-step assault on any plan to help the poor and middle class because moving the country forwards would mean another Obama term. Congress has a responsibility which they have ignored. So rightfully place the blame on Congress and the rich guys who are holding the country hostage. Who loses? We regular folks do.



DOC Watson, 89, died May 29, at his home in Deep Gap, North Carolina, after a fall. Blind from infancy, he grew up playing the harmonica and a homemade banjo. He learned to play the guitar on a #12 Stella acoustic when he was 13. Born Arthel Lane Watson, he became one of the country’s best guitar pickers, along with Chet Atkins and Merle Travis. Doc is single-handedly responsible for the extraordinary increase in acoustic flat picking and finger picking performances. I had never heard of Doc Watson music until Bax introduced his unique style on his radio show, every day Bax featured a Doc Watson song. Bob Dylan, a Watson fan, compared his picking to “water running.” I got turned on to Doc’s singing and picking by Bax and owned most of his albums, unfortunately washed away by Ike. His son Merle Watson was featured in almost every song. Merle died in a tractor accident in 1985. President Clinton presented Doc the “National Medal of the Arts” in 1997. Doc also won seven Grammys. I believe Doc Watson music, like Bob Dylan’s, will always be collectors and will grow in stature as the years go by. If you run across Doc Watson music at a fair, garage sale, etc, buy it. Albums like Doc Watson, 1964; Doc Watson and Son, 1965; Strictly Instrumental, with Flatt and Scruggs, 1967; Then and Now, with Merle, 1973; Two Days in November, 1974; Reflections, with Chet Atkins, 1980; Riding the Midnight Train, 1986; On Praying Ground, 1990; Legacy, with David Holt, 2002. Two songs that stand out all these years later is “Tennessee Stud” and Jimmie Rogers’ “My Rough and Rowdy Ways.” All of us who were raised on Gordon Baxter radio time miss what he brought to radio. Bax would find unique music of an unknown and introduce it to his audience. Bax had much to do with the Gulf Coast Sound, Swamp Pop and singers like the Big Bopper, Jivin’ Gene, Johnny Preston and the rest. We will never hear his type of radio again.



10 Years Ago-2002

Nolton Brown keeps up his record of attending all Texas Democratic conventions over the past 32 years. He and wife, Jessie, will be driven to El Paso by Judge Flo and Gene Edgerly, who are also delegates to the convention. (Editor’s note: Nolton and Ms. Jessie have both died in the last 10 years. A great couple I will never forget.)*****War Emblem was the favorite but a 70 to 1 long shot won the Belmont Stakes. (Editor’s note: The same could happen this Saturday. Triple Crowns are hard to come by)*****Chris Menard, U.S. Army, stationed in Korea heads home to Bridge City for a few days. A buddy asked him for the phone number of the coolest girl in Texas. Chris gave him a number that turns out to be Chris’ mom Sharon’s phone number. She and the young soldier who called got a big laugh out of it.*****Orange County youth Derrick Buford, 11, wins the National Silver Glove boxing title in the 100 lb. class. (Editor’ s note; I wonder what became of that young man? He would be 21 or 22 today.)*****Area Navy man, John L. Jacks, age 20, dies June 6 of cancer, He was diagnosed when he was 18 while in boot camp. His father, John, Sr., died a week ago. Ruby Pickard, who has helped many through her “My Wish” program, even though she has stepped down from that work, will help raise funds for the family facing two funerals in a week.*****Brady Raggio, turns 2-year-old June 9. Also Edward “Skipper” Alexander turns 40 on June 9.*****Grover Lee, 73, died June 6.*****Mildred Easley, 78, of West Orange, died June 5.


40 Years Ago-2002

The biggest upset of the election was Pete Runnels’ win over Jim Morris for Democratic chairman – 9,137 to 7,652. Morris had been a popular D.A. elected twice, this was Runnels’ first race for public office. Sheriff “Buck” Patillo was re-elected over Max Boatman, 9,190 to 8,041. Louvenia Hryhorchuk came from behind to beat Juanita Jordon, 9,204 to 7,870. Jordan was supported by Bob Montagne and the labor movement and also Bob Axelson and the Orange Leader. Hryhorchuk was endorsed by former Tax Collector Ida Faye Arnold and office employees, as well as the Dunn-owned Opportunity Valley News and Luker-owned Vidorian. Casey Peveto was re-elected over Travis Hudson, who ran a good race for Precinct 1 commissioner. Peveto won over Hudson, 2, 156 to 1,913. Dolph Briscoe won for governor over Mrs. Frances “Sissy” Farenthold. Ralph Yarbrough, U.S. Senator, won over Barefoot Sanders. Bill Hobby, Lt. Gov. won over Wayne Connally. Carl Ward was elected constable of Precinct 4 over W.J. “Dub” Davis. Teddy Bear Cox was elected headman for the Boilermakers Union.*****Orangeite Stephen E. Drake, son of Betty and Earl Drake, recently graduated from Allen in Bryan. He lettered two years in football and attained the rank of first lieutenant in the Cadet Corps. He also was a member of the honor society. Quite a young man with the prettiest sister in Orange, Miss Vickie Drake. (Editor’s note: Stephen unfortunately passed away. A big loss for everyone who knew him.)*****Charlie Wickersham is in Bangkok. He sent a wire to J.K. Conn and Dub Hustmyre to join him and “bring money.”*****By a four-to-one vote, Bridge City Police Chief Jim Custer gets the ax from the City Council.



Ryan Gunstream, Lorrie LeBlanc, Ed Worthy Jr., John Bertrand, Sherilyn Brister, Lynn Fields, Gail Griffith, Kelsey Miller, Linda Sims, Sarah Williams, Richard Granger, Ashley LaRose, Billy Frank Bradberry, Billy Killman, Logan Smith, Penny Robards, Shon Jones, Tana Hightower, Walter Riedel, Aubrey Reynolds, Billie Wood, Carolyn Sexton, Crystal Wells, Elizabeth Barfield, Debbie Vidrine, Gavin Birmingham, Deane Moran, Alston Reynolds, Dixie Armstrong, Charlie Blalack, Jessica Hilliard, Karli Choate, Paige Olive, Kevin Ernst, Chrisleigh Longlois, Rayford Jimerson, Tyler Derouen, Caroline Hennigan, Chris Riedel, Harold Adkins, Lacey Wallace, Dorothy Breaux, Jacqueline Bourdier, Jane Minor, Candice Steele, Magdalene Bryant, Jeanette Hubert, Frances Ragsdale, Jesse Walles, Pam Williams, Brook Doss, Caitlyn Villanoueva, Elizabeth Tran and Karen Kline.



A fund raiser/link and bake sale for Todd Edgerly will be held Sat. June 9, at Luv Lingerie, 2215 Texas Ave., in Bridge City, 9 am to 11 pm. All proceeds will go to defray expenses Todd is accruing while fighting his battle. Come by, everyone will be glad to see you. Our prayers go out to Todd, Judge Flo, Gene and family.*****Bobby Taylor, who has been battling cancer, eight months at MD. Anderson, stopped by for a visit last week. He’s much improved but still not well. However, outside of looking like a longtime jail inmate he looks pretty good. The Dupont retiree was a longtime deputy constable. For eight months he and Barbara lived out of a suitcase. It’s nice to be home he says. We wish him the best. Good guys are hard to come by now days. It’s his Democratic roots.***** I just learned that Liz Hogan, that long-legged beauty, is the daughter of the former Sandra Peveto, of West Orange. I should have known that with her olive skin and mom’s good looks, that she had to be Cajun. Liz is your friendly insurance agent. Kin to the Pevetos That’s a pretty good base to work from.*****A few folks celebrating their special day. First a couple of things about June 6. D-Day occurred on that day in 1944. Today, June 6 would have been Lannie Claybar’s 100 birthday. He was born on the 6th day of June, 1912. He died Sept. 6, 1969.***John Bertrand, Gail Griffith and Linda Sims all share Lannie’s birthday.***A very special lady that’s a dear friend to many, Shirley Zimmerman, notches another year on June 7.***A good guy, community minded Walter Riedel is a year older on June 8.***Dixie Armstrong and Paige Olive celebrate June 9.***Everyone’s friend, Rayford “Too-Tall” Jimerson climbs one more step up the ladder on June 10.***Former State Rep. Ron Lewis turns 59 on June 10. We first met him when he was 24 and on his first run for office against Wayne Peveto. He lost but won the open seat the following term. I Can’t believe 35 years have gone by. Happy birthday Ron.***Also, happy birthday to Chris Reidel on June 10.***Our good buddy Donna Riley celebrates June 11.***Corey’s mom, Christy Khoury, celebrates June 12. Our longtime friend Lyle Overman celebrates this week also. He can still belt out a great song. Happy birthday to everyone who celebrates this week. Please see complete birthday list.*****In this month’s Texas Monthly, writer Joe Nick Patoski tours 2,623 miles of Texas and reviews all sections of the state. His favorite drive begins 23 miles west of Ozona, dipping south from IH-10 on Hwy. 290 to Sheffield and down Hwy. 2400 to Sanderson. He describes the drive and calls it the most scenic parts of the state. There’s an Orange High profile guy, one of the greatest guys I know, that was raised in the Tran-Pecos hill country, Edwards Plateau, the Chilhuahuan desert country. Do you know our longtime, local fellow that Sanderson produced, now an Orange County treasure and great friend? Answer in C’EST TOUT.*****Jim Goodman started a false rumor that went all the way to Austin and back, right out of the Capital. I owe Goodman one.*****If the school teachers, firemen, policemen and other unions recall Scott Walker in Wisconsin in Tuesday’s election, it will be a major upset. Walker spent 15 times more than Mayor Tom Barrett. Walker got $40 million, 70 percent from out of state, rich guys, like Bob Perry and the Koch brothers. Barrett raised only $4 million. Walker dismantled all public unions in Wisconsin.*****I understand the Bridge City Class of 1972 had a great class reunion over the weekend.*****Judge Thibodeaux, our highest profile Cajun, had a root canal last Wednesday. He’s a lot more pleasant now.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week. Roy has a surprise for everyone who attends.*****All the votes cast in the Orange County Primaries last week were only one-third of the votes that will be cast in the November General Election.*****Gov. Rick Perry is in a box going against the Tea Party, trying to get Dewhurst a win in the runoff against Ted Cruz. If Cruz wins he will face Paul Sadler, who visited the Lunch Bunch a couple weeks ago and is in a runoff against a black man, who is 76 years old and has never held public office and with only the name recognition of Yarborough. The race between the two runoff winners will be a very interesting race. *****”I’ll Have Another” is the 4-5 favorite to win Saturday’s Belmont Stakes. If he wins it will make him the 12th horse to sweep the Triple Crown and the first in 34 years. I wouldn’t bet the farm, in fact your best bet is that he won’t win.*****Congrats to Dr. Stephen Patterson, who will become the new superintendent of Orangefield ISD. Stephen is the son of Doug and Cheryl and brother of John Patterson. He’s the grandson of the late Judge Malcolm and Jane Dorman.*****Our friend Darrell Segura and the Bridge City Historical Society invites you to “Remember Bridge City Day” Sunday, June 10, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at First Baptist Family Life Center. Bring family photos, recipes, etc. For more information call 409-720-9999



On June 6, Sandra Bernhard will be 57 and Vincent Young, 48.***Liam Neeson will be 60 on June 7; Prince, 54 and William Forsythe, 57.***Joan Rivers will be 79 on June 8; Kanya West, 35; Julianna Margulies, 46 and Keenen Ivory Wayans, 54.***Johnny Depp will be 49 on June 9; Michael J. Fox, 51 and Natalie Portman, 31.***Faith Evans will be 39 on June 10; Shane West, 34; and Leelee Sobieski, 30.***Hugh Laurie will be 59 on June 11; Shia LaBeouf, 26 and Joshua Jackson, 34.***George Bush will be 88 on June 12; Jim Nabors, 82 and Meredith Brooks, 54.



(Editor’s note: Over the past months we have had two request for us to repeat a Cajun story we told five or six years ago. We usually don’t repeat Cajun stories. Maybe some of you missed it. The story handed down, is said to be a true tale. I’m sure it’s modified.)

Clovis and his wife were talking bout going to see Bertrand and dems new baby.

Clotele said, “I don’t want to go wit you no, Clovis.”

Clovis ax, “Why, Babe?”

Clotele answer, “Because you say someting bout dat baby have no ears.”

“Oh, Babe,” said Clovis, “me and Bertrand been friends for 14, 13 years, I don’t say nuttin’ bot dat baby have no ears.”

Clotele say, “Okay, I go wit you, but I know how you are wen you drink dat beer. You can’t keep you mouth shut. I swear, Clovis, if you say someting bout dat baby have no ears, I’m gonna quit you, yea.”

Clovis consoles her, “Don’t worry bout dat.”

Dey got in dere old pickup truck and Clovis knocks out tree cans of Bud on da way. Bertrand’s wife meet dem at da door. She’s so proud of dat baby. “Come in, come see my baby, Clovis, feel his little leg, see how strong he is.”

Clovis say, “Oh, sha, he sure got a strong leg him.”

“Feel his little arm, how strong it is,” said da proud mother.

“He sure got a strong arm,” Clovis answer.

Da Mom say, “Clovis, boy can my baby see, got da best eyes I ever saw.”

Clovis say, “Ma, sha, It’s a good ting, because it’s for sure he can’t wear no glasses.”



Memories of Baxter’s Brigade came to life this week with the death of Frank Gerrietts. A very talented, unique guy. A true artist and sculptor, for years Frank practiced his lost art method deep in Mexico. At home, in Beaumont, he was a teacher and in that he took the most pride. He was one of the interesting people who made up Gordon Baxter’s group of friends. Referred to as “Baxter Brigadiers.” Louise Wood, Dan Green, Don Jacobs, Harold Beeson, Buddy Moore, Bernard and Betty Em, Roy, Frank Skipper and a few more who loaded a room down with talent. Frank died June 2, he would have been 75 on Oct. 2. He wrote his own obit which appears in this issue. Interesting reading. Like most of Gordon’s friends he was one of a kind.*****The girl from Bronner Addition, Skipper Thrailkilie Free, is coming back home and will soon be a resident of the Heritage House. That will liven the place up.***** There is no one I have more respect for than our longtime friend from Sanderson, TX, Dist. Judge Buddie Hahn. He’ll do to ride the range with.****Another week down. Thanks for your time and please read us cover to cover and check us out on our website Take care and God bless.