The Orangefield Elementary PTA purchased new playground equipment for the elementary school. Part of the plan is to have a community installation.

With the money that was saved by doing this, the PTA was able to purchase swings and a smaller activity area for the new playground.  The PTA is in need of volunteers to help make the installation a success.

It will start at 9 a.m. on Friday, June 8 and Saturday, June 9. On Friday the main poles for the equipment will be set for a total of 61 holes. Saturday will be the main installation day to finish a new playground for the elementary students. 

There are many areas to volunteer: installation, desserts, clean up, etc.  The PTA has about 40 volunteers so far. They would like to have at least 75 for Saturday.

Volunteers can either come only in the morning and/or the afternoon if they prefer. The PTA will be providing lunch on both days along with snacks and water. There will also be a large canopy close to the install to cool down. The gym will be open for food and to cool down during the day.

E-mail the Orangefield PTA at or contact Nikki Garrett directly at 988-2927 or to volunteer.

Below is a list of tools the company supervising the project said are needed. Volunteers with any of these items may e-mail or call so the PTA can keep a list of what tools are going to be at the installation. Volunteers are asked to mark these items with their name and phone number in case they are left behind.

* 9/16 open end wrenches- 4qty

* 6/8 foot ladders- 3qty

* Post hole diggers- 3 qty

* Square point shovels- 4plus

* Torpedo levels- 4qty

* 3 or 4 foot levels- 2 qty

* 1/4” metal cutting drill bits- 6 qty

* Electric drill or cordless drills- 2 qty

* Ratcheting cargo straps- 8 qty

* Garden rakes or hay rakes- as many as possible

* 3/4” open end wrench- 3qty

* Floor jack- 1qty

* 9/16 sockets- 4 qty

* 8 lb sledge hammer- 2 qty

Other Items to Bring:

* Sunscreen

* Hand towel to keep wet around your neck

* Chair

* Insulated cup to keep drinks cool

* Tools

Volunteers may bring desserts to the gym on Friday and/or Saturday.