Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between June 8, 9, 10, and the morning of June 11:

Miscellaneous incidents, 1501 Main

Public intoxication, Azalea and Circle E.

Traffic problem, other, 10th and Park

Traffic accident, injury, 1800 S. Lutcher

Burglary, forced entry, bank/institution, 1104 16th St.

Miscellaneous incidents, 308 e. New Jersey

Burglary, unlawful entry, residence, 3338 Aster

Public service, assist public, 1111 Main St.

Traffic problem, other, 90 block Main Ave.

Assault, Class A, family violence, 608 Strickland

Public service, assist public, 2311 Riverside

Trespassing, private property, 20 Circle E

Miscellaneous incidents, 2424 16th St./HEB

Public service, assist public, 111 Pine

Found property, 201 8th St.

Found property, 1100 10th St.

Process service, warrant, 3333 Ridgemont

Miscellaneous incidents, 7112 IH-10

Process service, warrant, 201 8th St.

Process service, warrant, 206 S. Farragut

Process service, warrant, 15th and Burton

Miscellaneous incidents, 1040 S. Hwy. 87

Public service, other, 902 John

Trespassing, private property, 1600 16th St./Kroger

Public service, other, 111 Morrell

Process service, warrant, 300 block 37th St.

Possession of marijuana, 600 Burton

Public service, other, 1824 24th St.

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 2300 Pacific

Assault, Class A, 1802 Mississippi

Possession of cocaine, 1802 Main

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 20th and Melwood

Assault, Class A, 3638 Ridgemont

Process service, warrant, 205 Border

Miscellaneous incidents, 2610 IH-10/Ramada Inn

Miscellaneous incidents, IH-10 (east of MM 873)

Assist public, 7411 IH-10/Church’s Chicken

Mental subject, 608 Strickland

Damaged property, private, 89 W. Elm

Suspicious activity, 4750 Meeks

Assist public, 4750 Meeks

Burglary, unlawful entry, residence, 2600 Allie Payne