The Pinehurst City Council held a special workshop meeting Tuesday morning to take care of business.

Joe Parkhurst, city administrator, reported affluence from the city’s wastewater currently pours into Adams Bayou. The city will soon have to route the wastewater elsewhere. They are working with other entities such as the Orange County Water Control and Improvement District #2 and the city of Orange’s plant to bypass using Adams Bayou.

Orange County Road and Bridge Department’s street resurfacing project should begin in two to three weeks. Three different streets are scheduled to be resurfaced.

The new owner of the Pinehurst Volunteer Fire Department told Parkhurst he will need use of the building in a few months.

The city is slated to receive $500,000 from the Ike Disaster Round 2.2 Grant. Parkhurst has been working with the grant administrator and engineer and the city should receive the funds in the next three to four weeks.

Matt Chandler, who nearly captured third place in the city council election in May, was sworn into office to replace Bill Triggs who retired. Chandler will be up for election next May.

Councilman Dan Mohon was named to the South East Texas Regional Planning Commission Executive Committee.

It was reported Dixie Glass and Fuzzy’s Tacos have opened for business and a new filling station and package store will open soon on Strickland Drive.

Lastly, a grant from the Keep Orange Beautiful Committee for $2,500 will allow Pinehurst to plant crepe myrtles around the city.