Paul Welch with the Deaf-Blind Multihandicapped Association and the Texas Task Interagency Task Force presented the Orange County Commissioners' Court with a plaque and poster at their meeting Monday morning to commemorate the Helen Keller Deaf-Blind Awareness Month in the county. RECORD PHOTO: David Ball

The Orange County Mosquito Control District will have enough weapons to fight mosquitos the remainder of the Fiscal Year.

The Orange County Commissioners’ Court approved a line item transfer to the department at their meeting Monday morning. The transfer is to provide funds for implementation of tasks necessary for new Texas Commission on Environmental Quality pesticide general permit compliance. 

The transfer breaks down as follows:

• $100,000 aerial spraying chemicals

• $2,500 for Rent-All

• $6,000 for overtime pay

• $13,619 for miscellaneous fees and services

The contingency fund has $152,000 remaining for the Fiscal Year that ends in October.

County Judge Carl Thibodeux said there was an increase in spraying late winter and early spring due to the mosquito infestation. In approving the line item transfer, Thibodeaux cautioned for the commissioners to consider next year’s budget when approving the item.

“We need to look at the budget. If we increase those dollars, we need to make sure it won’t happen next year,” he said.

In other county business, Thibodeaux, Treasurer Christy Khoury, Chief Deputy Treasurer Becky Selvidge and Judge Pro Tem John Dubose were approved to be signatories on the Hurricane Ike Round 1 project with the General Land Office.

Thibodeaux said someone will be needed to sign the paperwork if he’s out of pocket. The county is waiting for a $1 million reimbursement for the Shelter of Last Resort on FM 1442 to be signed off.

The remainder of the concrete ceiling of shelter was poured last week.

Joel Ardoin of the health and code compliance department reported there were 52 environmental inspections, 24 follow-up inspections, 69 food service inspections, six food service complaints, four daycare/foster home inspections, 12 on-site inspections and 17 court case filed for the month of May.

The court proclaimed June as Helen Keller Deaf-Blind Awareness Month in Orange County.

The Texas Interagency Task Force on Deafblindness encourages the development and delivery of quality services and support to Texans who are deafblind, a press release read.

This year’s focus is the specialized services provided by Interveners and Support Service Providers.

“Much progress has been made in providing education and rehabilitation training to persons who are deafblind, leading to an increased number of career and living opportunities and options for people who are deaf-blind. More and more, communities are recognizing and benefiting from the skills and talents fo these valued citizens. However, for deaf-blind people to fully participate in their communities and community programs, they require the services of special service providers known as Interveners and Support Service Providers,” it read.

One deaf-blind individual recognized by the court at the meeting was Brett Simpson, owner of Brett’s Place — a snack bar inside of the Orange County Courthouse.

Thibodeaux said the commissioners overwhelmingly approved Simpson for the position and he has done a “marvelous job.” He added Simpson has also received the support of friends, family and coworkers on the job.