Officers from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls between June 13, and June 20:

June 13:

Unresponsive person, 225 Chinese Elm St., Vidor

Assist another officer, 11789 Hwy. 105, Orange

Theft, 3665 Main/Lawn Star Pawn, Vidor

June 14:

Death investigation, 3846 Windy Ln., Vidor

Follow-up, 205 Pleasant St., Vidor

Welfare concern/elderly individual, 5890 Church House Rd., Orange

Theft, 2753 Claire, Orange

Disturbance, 14167 Duncanwoods, Vidor

Theft, 4310 El Camino St., Vidor

June 15:

Disturbance/gunshot, 468 Kennedy Dr., Vidor

Burglary of a building, 1701 Childers St., Orange

Disturbance, 2492 Claire Dr., Orange

Disturbance, 3396 Little Cypress Dr., Orange

Criminal mischief, 123 Joyce St., Orange

Disturbance, 2833 Woodland Ridge Dr., Orange

Narcotics incident, 205 Border St., Orange

June 16:

Disturbance, 4935 N. Tram Rd., Vidor

Theft, 2560 Crestwood St., Vidor

Information, 4162 Perry Rd., Orange

Welfare concern/threats, 260 S. Naquin Rd., Orange

Welfare concern/family disturbance, 1655 Evangeline Ln., Vidor

June 17:

Assault, 614 Coolidge St., Vidor

Welfare concern/family disturbance, 3805 Brent Dr., Orange

Recovery of stolen vehicle, Revere Ln., Vidor

June 18:

Disturbance, 3395 Martha St., Vidor

Burglary of a building, 4810 Evangeline Dr., Vidor

Burglary of a building, 2630 S. Main, Vidor

Disturbance, 1040 Cedar Ridge, Orange

Missing person, OCSO substation

Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, 310 Beach St., Vidor

Disturbance/firearm (two locations), Strong Rd., Orange

Assault, 3456 Carpenter Rd., Orange

Unauthorized use of motor vehicle/burglary of building, 2510 N. Sutton Dr., Vidor

Disturbance, 4045 Oil Patch

June 19:

Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, 5828 Grigsby, Vidor

Theft, 1020 Lamar St., Vidor

Fraud, 2303 FM 3247, Orange

Disturbance/family violence, assault, 2640 Singletary St., Orange