Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between June 22, 23, 24, and the morning of June 25:

Stolen vehicle, auto, 12099 FM 1442/Crawdad’s

Assist other agency, IH-10 W

Stolen vehicle, other, 807 Levingston

Stolen vehicle, auto, 201 8th St.

Public service, 603 Strickland/Home Depot

Recovery of stolen property, 31 Cove Dr.

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 3rd and Dewey

Burglary, unlawful entry, residence, 2512 Colonial Dr.

Warrant service, 801 W. Division

Warrant service, 201 8th St.

Civil problem, 7112 IH-10/Denny’s

Disorderly conduct, Class C, 809 10th St.

Miscellaneous incidents, 302 N. 5th St.

Fraud, illegal use of credit cards, 1521 N. 37th St.

Public intoxication/warrant service, John at 15th St.

Aggravated assault, family, strong-arm, 1204 17th St.

Theft, other, 1056 W. Park

Unattended death, 3100 Clarence

Assault, Class A, Ramada Inn, 2610 IH-10 W.

Follow-up investigation, other, FM 1442/Crawdad’s

Warrant service, 333 Lutcher Dr.

Animal call, other. 514 Morrell

Robbery, street/highway/open area, firearm, 608 Strickland/Memorial Hermann Baptist Hosp. ER

Warrant service, 10th and Burton

Assist other agency, 13th and Park

Abandoned vehicle, IH-10 W.

Warrant service, 201 8th St.

Public intoxication, 1010 S. Hwy. 87

Damaged property, private, 3819 Meeks

Found property, 2220 S. Hwy. 87

Theft, other, 303 Dewey

Miscellaneous incidents, 2220 S. Hwy. 62

Warrant service, 1600 16th St.

Traffic problem, other, Park and 16th St.

Public service, 1008 Pine

Public intoxication, 1100 6th St.

Warrant service, 1600 block 16th St.

Public intoxication/warrant service, Georgia and New Jersey

Public service, other, 312 Azalea