Police were dispatched to a disturbance call Monday at approximately 9:26 pm, in the 200 block of Decatur. Officer Jeffery Busby was advised by radio that a suspect, Demetrius Harris, who was causing a disturbance, was naked and acting belligerent.

Upon arrival, Officer Busby observed a black male, who he knows on sight as Harris, AKA “Mississippi”, standing in the front yard at 201 Decatur. Harris was naked and waving his arms around in the air, and yelling.

Harris, 28, of Orange, was observed to have slurred speech, sweating heavily and to be physically hot to the touch. There was a strong odor of alcohol emitting from his person. After detaining Harris, family members at the scene were asked if they would take custody of him, and they advised no.

Harris was placed into custody for public intoxication and transported to the Orange County Jail. Once at the jail, staff advised Harris was too intoxicated and should be transported to the hospital for medical clearance.

After Officer Busby received medical clearance at about 1:30 am, he was transported back to the OC Jail and released to jail staff.